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Year 5


Welcome To Year 5


Our teachers in Year Five are Mrs Childs and Miss Holmes.  Our TAs are Miss Scott and Mrs Anderson and our HLTA is Mrs Alderton. 

This term our topic will be "Bury St Edmunds and beyond."  We will be learning about the geography of Bury St Edmunds, Venice and Rio de Janeiro. We will also be learning the history of the legend of St Edmund.



Home Learning


Year 5 have three spelling lessons a week to recap previously learned rules, introduce a new spelling rule or pattern from the Year 5 curriculum and then plenty of opportunities to apply this new rule/pattern to games and dictation sentences. There is no longer a formal spelling test on a Friday for the spelling rule we have practised in school that week. However, in the document above you will find the rule/pattern for the week and may wish to practise this at home using any of their strategies to help them such as: rainbow writing, silly sentences, pyramid writing and look, cover, write and check.

Times Tables and Maths Learning


It is crucial, in Year 5, that children are secure with all their times tables and continue to practise these. You could use these websites below to practise these.


Times Tables Rockstars

We will have regular competitions running for all children in years 2-6, which aim to improve the children's times tables knowledge using the Times Tables Rockstars website.



Children can also use Maths Shed to practice other concepts in their maths learning.


Year 5 Arithmetic

We are aware that some of the children may find the current arithmetic questions a little tricky. These questions are aimed at quizzing children on concepts taught across the Autumn Term and therefore, there may be some questions which we have not covered in class so far. If children are finding certain concepts tricky, then they can chose to leave these questions.  Parents can use the calculation policy to help demonstrate the best method to solve this particular question or children can ask their teacher or TA for help.



Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural in Year 5

  • PE:  Please note that our PE days are changing to Mondays and Thursdays.  In PE lessons on a Monday, we will be working on our football skills and on a Thursday we will be completing team activities in OAA..   Both of these units of work will help us to be the best that we can be by encouraging us to work independently, but also in partner and group work as well as teams.  
  • PSHE:  In our PSHE lessons, we will be focusing on '"Being me in my world"  
  • Music:  We are lucky enough to have Specialist County Music Services taking instrumental lessons.  Mrs Childs' class will be learning how to play the violin on Tuesday mornings and Miss Holmes' class will be continuing to learn cornet, trumpet and baritone horns.  We will also be working on general musicianship, singing skills and reading music.  

    Mrs Blythe will continue as the tutor for brass lessons and Mrs Bakewell will continue teaching as the violin tutor. Each pupil will use their own allocated instrument which will be for their own individual use. Once children have mastered the basics, these are taken home for practice.  

School Council, Eco-Reps and Sports Ambassadors

School Council

Sports Ambassadors


Junior Road Safety Officers

In September, Year 5 children have the opportunity to apply for a Junior Road Safety Officer role. Once elected they are responsible for promoting Road Safety within our school and local community. There are 4 officers (2 children from each class) in total. Within this role they organise different competitions and focus weeks during the school year, such as Road Safety week and walk to School week, during these weeks they also run competitions and become judges to decide on winners. In 2022 the JRSOs decided to help Mrs Alderton create a termly newsletter that is sent out to parents. They meet half termly with their coordinator Mrs Alderton. This is a fun and rewarding job role within the school for those children who want to promote Road safety.

We are also working together with Modeshift STARS to gain an accreditation for the important work these children do in our school community.

School Awards

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