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Quadkids Athletics U9 (F2F)

U9 Quadkids Athletics Competition


The U9 Quadkids Athletics Competition took place on Wednesday 18th May 2022 at Stowmarket High School. QuadKids is a team event and is based on athletes taking part in sprints, middle distance run, long jump and a throwing event. The team is made up of ten; five boys and five girls.



Events and rules for Years 3 and 4

50 metre Sprint

The 50m sprint needs to be an accurately measured straight line distance, preferably run in marked lanes. The race can be run on grass, tarmac or track and for timing purposes it is recommended to have a maximum of 6 athletes per heat. All times are rounded up to the nearest 0.1 second [i.e. 11.21 becomes 11.3].


400 metres Run

The 400 metres should be run as 1 laps of a 400 metre track. All times will be rounded up to the nearest 1 second [i.e. 2 minutes 45.7 seconds will become 2.46 minutes].


Vortex Howler Throw

Competitors in the Vortex Howler will be given three consecutive throws and the event takes place on a grassed area that is at least 50m long. Competitors throw from behind a marked line and stepping onto or over the line during the throw will record a foul.


Standing Long Jump

The Standing Long Jump is a two footed jump from a standing start. The competition can either use a conventional long jump pit, or standing long jump mat. Competitors jump from a marked line or from a designated take off board and stepping over the line or board during the jump is a foul jump and cannot be measured. All competitors will have three jumps; all competitors will take their 1st jump, then all competitors their 2nd jump etc.

Each individual jump will be measured unless there is a foul and the point of measurement is the rearmost point of contact with the landing area [feet, hands etc].


GVTSSP U9 Quadkids Atheltics Results


Five primary schools across the GVTSSP took part in the event with lots of support from friends and family. As a school we performed very well achieving third place! Huge congratulations to all ten pupils who took part on the day. Each pupil received a bronze certificate for this great achievement. Well done Team Abbot's!



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