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Here is ‘Time of your Life’ by Greenday!


A great transition song as we move forward to September.


Have a lovely Summer everyone.

Weekly Singalong 'Time of Your Life.'

Enjoy this 'transition' song and remember to be positive and enthusiastic, you'll be great :)

This weeks 'Summer Song' is written by Mr Cole.

'Summer Song' D major .mp3

'Summer Song' (Freedom) Singalong by Mr Cole

A song to share with you! 'A time where freedom returns and friends and family reunite.'

This week, another singalong rap from Mr Cole.

"Horn went "Beep!" engine purred, friendliest sounds you ever heard!

"Horn went "Beep!" engine purred, friendliest sounds you ever heard. Listen to my melody, you're going to need it today when you Rapalong with me!" Enjoy! Ma...

This week's music from Mr Cole with a great message.

'Something Inside So Strong' Singalong with Mr Cole

Something a little bit different from Mr Cole this week.


Dr Seuss Rapalong.

Dr Seuss Rap! Hip Hop Style!

Join in with this awesome book and try to rap the rhythms!

This weeks song is written by Isobel, it is about nature with a good message for everyone.


Maybe you can have a go at thinking of your own songwriting ideas and Mr Cole might be able to create a song to share as one of the singalongs.




'Help Nature Recover' Singalong!

A song written to encourage more nature into our cities and around our homes!

This weeks music from Mr Cole

This one is ‘Better Together’ by Jack Johnson. Words included below - which will help as this one has lots of them! 


'Better Together' Singalong

Better Together. Full stop. :)

Here are two more singalong lessons to keep everyone singing this week. I hope to see you all soon. 


Stay safe.

Mr Colesmiley

Mr Cole sing along "The 3 Rs" Jack Johnson

Reduce, reuse, recycle! Ukulele rhythms aplenty!! Enjoy :)

Mr Cole Sing along "Pass it On" by The Coral!

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Here is the latest video from Mr Cole

“The Scientist” by Coldplay


The words are below along with the chords and notes for instrument players.

"The Scientist" Coldplay Sing Along.

A song for this week. Sing along! A chilled, little recording for you. Enjoy! "Nobody said it was easy, no on ever said it would be so hard... I'm going back...

This week Mr Cole is teaching us 'Times Like These' by the Foo Fighters.

Times Like These - Guitar Sing along!

Listen to the song for ukulele and guitar lesson! Sing along and enjoy!

Thank you to Mr Cole for helping us to learn the baked potato song, if you would like to join in the video is below. 


The words are below as well along with the chords and notes for instrument players.


Have fun!

Learning 'Baked Potato!'

Baked Potato - How to stay safe and well and make good choices to help everyone! :)

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