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Week 1 - WB 04/01/21 Quick Move Challenge

The 'Quick Move' challenge requires quick thinking and good agility.


You have 30 seconds to move your chosen item as many times as possible to the empty space. How many times can you move your item in 30 seconds?


You will need: 

  • A stopwatch or a phone to time you performing the challenge
  • A helper to time you (parent, sibling etc.)
  • Four hoops or cushions (or something similar)
  • Three bean bags or socks (or something similar)


How to play:

  • Place the hoops (cushions) in a diamond shape on the ground/floor around you
  • You start in the middle of the diamond
  • Place the bean bags (socks) in three of the four hoops (or on top of three of the four cushions), leaving one hoop (cushion) empty
  • Set the timer for 30 seonds
  • GO!
  • Collect one bean bag (sock) from a hoop (cushion) and place it inside the empty hoop (on top of the empty cushion)
  • Then collect another bean bag (sock) from another hoop (Cushion) and place it inside the newly emptied hoop (cushion)
  • How many bean bags (or socks) can you move in 30 seconds?
  • Why not play again and improve your score? BTBYCB!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Make this challenge easier by moving the hoops/cushions closer together. 


Make this challenge harder by moving the hoops/cushions further apart.


The clips below show our Year 6 Sports Leaders attempting the 'Quick Move' challenge.

Can you beat them? Good luck!

The 'Quick Move' challenge with Noah

Still image for this video

The 'Quick Move' challenge with Josh

Still image for this video

The 'Quick Move' challenge with Harry

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