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From 5th January the school will only be open to pupils whose parents are critical workers or vulnerable pupils (those invited or with a social worker)

Virtual Cross Country Competition

The first competition event is Virtual Cross Country. Pupils will take part in this event during their PE lesson.



1. The cross country course should be measured accurately, ideally with the use of a measuring or trundle wheel and marked clearly for participants. Distances are as follows:

                          Years 1&2: 800m              Years 3&4: 1200m              Years 5&6: 1600m

                          Year 7: 2400m                   Years 8&9: 3600m              Years 10&11: 4400m

                          Years 12&13: 5600m

2. Participants may not have use of a pace runner.

3. Teams may consist of as many athletes as desired.


Abbot's Hall Virtual Cross Country results (in school)


Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Virtual Cross Country! Below are the results for the top three boys and the top three girls in each year group at Abbot's Hall. 

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