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Week 3 - 18/01/21 Mini Circuit

The 'Mini Circuit' challenge requires stamina and good technique.


You have 60 seconds (1 minute) to perform the ‘Mini Circuit’ as many times through as possible. How many sets can you complete in 60 seconds (1 minute)?


You will need: 

  • A stopwatch or a phone to time you performing the challenge
  • A helper to time you (parent, sibling etc.)
  • A ruler or a stick to jump over (or something similar) for the two footed jumps/speed bounce.


How to play:

  • Find a space to perform your mini circuit either outside or indoors.
  • Ensure you are wearing PE appropriate clothing and footwear.
  • Your mini circuit consists of:     

                  - Star jumps x 10


                       - High knees x 10  



- Two footed jumps (speed bounce) x 10


This is one set of the mini circuit. You will attempt to perform as many sets as you can in the given time.

  • Set the timer for 60 seconds
  • GO!
  • Star jumps x 10.
  • High Knees x 10
  • Two footed jumps/speed bounce x 10
  • Repeat the mini circuit
  • How many sets did you complete in 60 seconds?
  • Why not try again and improve your score? BTBYCB! 


Make this challenge easier by slowing down each movement or decreasing the time limit.


Make this challenge harder by Increasing the time limit.


The clip below shows Noah, one of our Year 6 Sports Leaders, attempting the 'Mini Circuit' challenge.

Can you beat him? Good luck!

The 'Mini Circuit' with Noah

Still image for this video

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