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French (MFL)


Children are exposed to languages throughout the school. From the Year groups 3-6, our Languages Curriculum ensures all pupils have an access to a range of high quality lessons through the use of the scheme of Mr French in class.

Colourful, vibrant and engaging Powerpoint presentations are used to embed the new vocabulary taught and encourage children to pronounce and repeat words accurately. The Teaching Powerpoints that are used address all types of learners including the visual, kinesthetic and auditory learners.

We aim to enthuse learners and evoke learning a new language for pleasure in our pupils through the use of learning new songs, playing games and lots of practice talk and conversations with other pupils.

We believe that repetition and regular reviews of vocabulary is essential to learning a new language and enhancing fluency. Therefore, a recap of the previous lesson is used within the Teaching Powerpoints and Yearly reviews are done at the start of every year.



In the Autumn Term, the whole school takes part in Languages Day in correlation with the European Day of Languages.

Children are exposed to the French Language from Foundation Stage after a week of ‘French week’.

In phase 1 and 2, children are encouraged to answer the register in different languages.

Explicit teaching of French, starts in Year 3.

An explicit French lesson lasts 40-60minutes.

Assessments are undertaken through written and oral feedback after each new French topic taught by the Teacher.

Formative Assessments are completed at the end of each term to help track progress of pupils.

A languages folder is provided to each child in Year 3, which is then passed along with them to the next year group so a language portfolio is created on their journey to the end of Year 6.

Children in KS2 are given the opportunity to take part in a French Tuckshop every term where adults provide Pain au chocolat, croissants, orange juice and apple juice for the children to purchase at break time for a very small fee. Here they are expected and encouraged to use the French for: Hello, goodbye, please, thank you and I would like…

Parents are able to see these language folders during parents’ evenings.



Children develop a love for a new language and understand the importance of languages in the wider community and their future.

Children are keen to have conversations with their peers using the new vocabulary learnt.

Children are able to apply new sentence skills verbally learnt when moving on to the next French topic.

Children progress well.

Throughout their Abbot’s Hall journey from Year 3, children are exposed to range of French songs, French tuckshop, to expose children to the wider culture and help in developing their cultural capital.

By the end of Year 6 children are able to write simple sentences in French after being exposed to the new language from Year 3 and continuing their language portfolio all the way to Year 6.




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