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From 5th January the school will only be open to pupils whose parents are critical workers or vulnerable pupils (those invited or with a social worker)

GS4PE Active Calendar

Being at home gives us lots of new challenges, but no matter where we are, it is always important we keep fit and healthy (and have fun doing it!)


Get Set 4 PE have come up with an 'Active Calendar' for January 2021. Your challenge is to complete an active game for every weekday throughout January.


Follow these steps to help you:

  • Click on - - this will take you to the Active Families page.
  • Pick one of the following tabs on the page (Ball skills or socks, Creative Games, Fitness Games, Fundamental Movement Skills or Tactical Games). Pick an active game from your chosen tab and play it (if you love a game you can play it again another day).
  • Write the name of the game you played onto your active calendar and enter an emotion face to show how it made you feel.

Get Set 4 PE - Active Calendar

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