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Challenge 2 - T-shirt shuttle

You will need:

  • five t-shirts/tops
  • a clear space to attempt the challenge
  • timer/watch
  • tape measure (or equivalent) to measure 5 metres from the start to the t-shirts


How to attempt the challenge:

  • you have 30 seconds to attempt to put on as many t-shirts as possible
  • start at a mark 5 metres away from your t-shirts
  • on the start command run out to the first t-shirt and put it on, run back to the start
  • then run out again to the second t-shirt and put it on, run back to the start
  • continue until your 30 second time limit is up
  • how many t-shirts did you manage to put on in 30 seconds?


There is a 30 second time limit to this challenge.


The clip/s below give a demonstration of the challenge by the Year 6 Sports Leaders. Good luck! BTBTYCB!

The t-shirt shuttle with Harry

Still image for this video

The t-shirt shuttle with Noah

Still image for this video

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