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Week 8 - 01/03/21 Ball Circle Rotation

Challenge 8 – The ‘Ball Circle Rotation’ Challenge

The ‘Ball Circle Rotation' challenge will test your general co-ordination.


The purpose of this challenge is to test your co-ordination and speed. How quickly can you complete the challenge?


You will need: 

  • A stopwatch or a phone to time you performing the challenge.
  • A helper to time you (parent, sibling etc.).
  • A ball or ball shaped item (this could be an orange, apple, beanbag, tennis ball, football, basketball etc.)
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear for the challenge.
  • Plenty of empty space around you, remove any obstacles or hazards.



How to play:

  • Stand in an empty space.
  • Start with the ball in one hand at the front of your body and pass it around your tummy, back and return to your tummy. You will need to swap hands at the front (tummy) and the back (back).This is one rotation. You will need to do 10.


  • Then take the ball in front of your thighs (or knees if you prefer). Again, you will be circling the ball around your thighs 10 times. Swapping hands at the front of your thighs and at the back of your thighs.


  • Finally, pass the ball around both legs in a figure of 8 action (5 times around each leg, one after the other). You will swap hands when the ball passes between your legs.


  • Both feet need to remain on the ground throughout the challenge.
  • The videos below will give you a demonstration of the challenge, putting together the three ball rotations of tummy x 10, thighs x 10 and knees x 5 on each knee. Watching the videos will make the challenge easier to understand!
  • How quickly can you circle the ball around the three different parts of your body?
  • Can you maintain your technique even when you are tired?
  • Can anyone in your household beat you?
  • Why not play again and improve your score?
  • BTBYCB!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Make this challenge easier by slowing down your ball circle rotations. Pause between each set of 10 and/or reduce the rotations to 5 instead of 10.


Make this challenge harder by increasing the rotations to 15 or 20 for all three body parts. Or attempt the challenge by performing one rotation around your tummy, followed by one rotation around your thighs and then one rotation around each leg. Repeat this sequence 10 times.


The clips below show pupils from school attempting the ‘Ball Circle Rotation’ challenge in school.

Can you beat them? Good luck!

The 'Ball Circle Rotation' challenge with Ben

Still image for this video

The 'Ball Circle Rotation' challenge with Callum

Still image for this video

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