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Lunch Menus

Our catering is provided by Lunchtime Company. Please find the menus below.

All dinners must be paid for in advance or, in unplanned circumstances, by the end of the week that they are taken otherwise no further school dinners will be issued.


We have children in school who are extremely and severely allergic to a variety of nut and seed related foods. Both the children and the parents manage this condition superbly but the fact is that if the child comes into ANY CONTACT with these foods, either directly or even by touching someone who themselves has been eating them, then this child’s breathing will rapidly deteriorate and immediate medical attention will be needed. Staff have been trained in administering an ‘Epi-Pen’ should such an incident occur but we would obviously like to avoid the risk of this ever happening.


I ask your co-operation in making the school a ‘nut/seed-free zone’. Any food sent into school must NOT contain nuts or seeds of any kind, for example: seeded bread, cereal bars, some biscuits and chocolate and especially anything containing sesame oil or seeds.


I am aware of the inconvenience that checking food labels and ingredients may cause however, I am sure that you can appreciate the importance of this request. I trust that everyone will join the staff and catering service in making Abbot’s Hall as safe as possible for all.


In order to assist as much as we can, I have worked with the child’s family to come up with a list of foods that would definitely cause the most serious harm:


Nutella Chocolate Spread

Peanut Butter (of any kind)


Sesame Snap Bites

Milky Way Magic Stars

Snickers Chocolate Bars

Picnic Bars

Fruit and Nut Bars

Peanut M&Ms

Chocolate and Nut Cookies

Cakes containing Almond Essence and other nuts e.g. Bakewell Tarts / Battenburg Cake / Almond Slices / Date and Walnut Slices

Cereal Bars

Anything containing marizipan

Kinder ‘Happy Hippo’ (very serious as contains bits of hazelnut)

Sesame Breadsticks

Crispbreads and Crackers containing sesame seeds

Tiger Bread


Any bread, brown or white is OK as long as there are no whole seeds or nuts on or in it apart from Tiger Bread.


This isn't a definitive list as there are many items with hidden nut and sesame ingredients but these are some of the very worst offenders. The family have reassured us that where packaging says “may contain traces of nuts” or other similar comments, these foods would be OK to bring into school as they are of much less risk than the above.


The last thing the family or indeed I want is for parents to feel unsure of how best to help and support so if you do have any further queries please do not hesitate to see me.


Once again, thank you for your support.

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