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Welcome to Abbot's Hall Primary School

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1



These are our teachers and teaching assistants who help us with our learning: 


Teaching Staff: Mrs Thomas   and Mr. Dunne             



Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs Horrex


                                                                             Teaching Assistants: Miss Bensley, Mrs. Mayhew, Miss Frost and  Miss Paterson   

Autumn 1

Under the Sea, Pirates, Fantastic Beasts

In the first half of the Autumn Term, children in Year 1 independently access play based learning activities (continuous provision) whilst completing learning activities in small groups with an adult. We call our continuous provision activities COOL jobs - choosing our own learning - and these link to our focus text for the week. 


PE days are Monday and Wednesday for both classes. 

Here we are accessing our continuous provision activities linked to our Pirate learning.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural in Year 1

  • We have voted for our new School Councillors and have fortnightly meetings to talk about any issues that arise.
  • Our Eco Committee members help us to care for our environment by organising our recycling and waste management.
  • We have also voted for our Sports Ambassadors, who will working with other Sports Ambassadors across the school to develop our sports provision, equipment and ensure we have fun sporting activities available at lunch time.  


How can you help your child in Year 1?

Reading at home

This term we are exciting to be continuing to use our new reading scheme, Rocket Phonics, from Foundation Stage to Year 2. The books are all phonetically plausible and based on your child's phonics knowledge. 


We hope that you are able to read with your child as regularly as possible and record any comments in their yellow log. We will be having Rapid Reading for two weeks in each half term. During Rapid Reading weeks, children read daily with an adult in a guided reading style session. There is a specific focus for the reading weeks e.g. phonics knowledge, decoding, common exception words etc. and is very beneficial in helping childrens' reading skills improve. We hope you will also see improvements  in your child's reading from Rapid Reading and thank you for any comments and feedback. 



This term  we will  continue to build on children's phonics learning from the Foundation Stage. This will include consolidating our knowledge of phase 3 and developing our knowledge of  phase 5 sounds. We use the scheme 'Rocket Phonics' to deliver our phonics teaching and use the corresponding reading books. We ensure that children are reading books that match their phonics knowledge. Please see the websites below to play some games at home: 



Maths at home           

At the beginning of this term, we will be consolidating our counting skills within 20 - Counting on and back, writing and recognising numbers. W will also be learning about position and direction through using the beebots to explore positional language. 



Home learning is due back into school on a Thursday. Please ensure your child brings their home learning book back each week so that we can check which task they have completed. We will send home learning books back out on a Friday. Please remember only 1 piece needs to be completed each week, although you are welcome to complete more if your child wishes. 

School Awards

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