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Swimming Gala (F2F)

U11 Swimming Gala

The U11 Swimming Gala took place on Wednesday 6th April 2022 at Stowmarket Leisure Centre. This is third face to face event that we have attended this academic year. This event was a team event with pupils from year 6 selected to be part of the team. The teams were made up of 8 competitors, with an even split of 4 boys and 4 girls.

The programme of races was as follows:-
Boys 25m Freestyle
Girls 25m Freestyle
Boys 25m Backstroke
Girls 25m Backstroke
Boys 25m Breaststroke
Girls 25m Breaststroke
Boys 25m Freestyle
Girls 25m Freestyle
*Boys 4x25m Misc. Relay(*backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, freestyle)
*Girls 4x25m Misc. Relay(*backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, freestyle)
Boys 4x25m Freestyle Relay
Girls 4x25m Freestyle Relay


The maximum number of races in which a swimmer could participate was three; one individual event and two relays. All team members had to take part in at least two races.


Swimming Gala Rules

 They must touch the wall at the end of each length,
 They must not walk.

 They must remain on the back throughout the race including being on the back to touch at the finish
 No standing is allowed

Breaststroke is more complicated.
 They must be on the breast throughout the race, no standing or walking.
 The movement of the legs and arms must be simultaneous.
 The feet must be turned out when kicking.
 During the arm pull the hands must not brought back beyond the hipline.
 Only one stroke underwater is allowed at the start.
 Each stroke must contain one arm pull and one leg kick.
 The touch at the finish must be with both hands simultaneously.
It is advisable that swimmers have been taught the stroke, either at formal swimming lessons or at a swimming club.

A frequent problem at this level is starting before the starting signal is given. Another is
in the relays when a swimmer starts before the incoming swimmer has touched the wall.
When starting in the water the swimmer has started when their hands or hand are
no longer in contact with the wall.

The Start of the Race
 The referee will give a series of short whistle blows to warn swimmers prepare for the race.
 The announcer will introduce the event.
 The referee will give one long blast of the whistle and swimmers will then enter the water to prepare for the start.
 The referee will then hand the race over to the starter.
 The starter will say “take your marks” and then start the race.

Fastest time overall receives the most points for their school, second place time receives the second most points……. down to 1 point for the team who finishes with the slowest time in that event. Points system will be decided once the number of teams has been finalised.
The school / team with the most cumulative points at the end of the gala are deemed the winners.

GVTSSP U11 Swimming Gala Results


Eight primary schools across the GVTSSP entered the event. The atmosphere at the gala was electric with all schools supporting their teams. Huge congratulations go to the Abbot's Hall Year 6 team who came third! Each pupil received a bronze certificate for this great team achievement. Well done Team Abbot's!





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