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Week 4 - 25/01/21 Clock Sock Plank

The ‘Clock Sock Plank' challenge will test your upper body and core strength.


You have 30 seconds to do as many quarter turns of the clock as possible. You must remain in the plank position – straight back/body – throughout the challenge. How many quarter turns can you do in 30 seconds?




You will need: 

  • A stopwatch or a phone to time you performing the challenge.
  • A helper to time you (parent, sibling etc.).
  • Four socks or bean bags (or something similar).



How to play:

  • Place the socks/bean bags in a circular clock shape with one sock at 12, one sock at 3, one sock at 6 and the final sock at 9.



  • You start with your feet in the middle of the clock face (where the hands of the clock would be. You could use a hoop for this or a piece of paper).
  • Get in to the plank position with arms extended at the top of the clock - 12.



  • When the timer starts walk your body around the clock face like a hand on the clock. Your feet will remain in the middle throughout the challenge.
  • Every time you complete a quarter turn you score one point.
  • How many quarter turns can you do in 30 seconds?
  • Can anyone in your household beat you?
  • Why not play again and improve your score?
  • BTBYCB!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Make this challenge easier by reducing the time to 20 seconds.


Make this challenge harder by increasing the time to 40 seconds.


The clip below shows Callen attempting the ‘Clock Sock Plank’ challenge in school.

Can you beat him? Good luck!

The 'Clock Sock Plank' with Callen

Still image for this video

Thank you to Mrs Barker for filming Callen attempting the 'Clock Sock Plank'. 

Callen's first attempt was 9 and his second attempt was 11! Great work Callen. 

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