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Daily Learning

Thank you for taking the time to complete some learning tasks at home during the time that school is closed. We really appreciate your support in continuing with learning to support the revision and progress of your child.


Each day we will post a '5 a day', this is something our children love to do each morning. We will also post some ideas for Maths, English and Topic, linked to learning your children will have already been doing in school. We aim to post a mixture of activities that can be downloaded, completed online and also activities that can be completed off-screen. The daily activities we have planned for you should aim to total around 2-4 hours. 

We hope you enjoy learning together home. 

Daily Messages.


A message from Mrs Flory and Miss Baker

Friday 17th July 

Good Morning Year 2!


Today is your last day in Year 2!! We hope you have enjoyed all the learning we have set you over the last 14 weeks of home learning. Enjoy reading a poem we have written below.


So we have come to the end of Year two,
We hope, like us, you have had lots of fun too.


We have learnt and laughed and grown,
And the time has most definitely flown.


The Scutari Hospital arrived in our rooms,
We helped injured soldiers and cleaned up with brooms.


We enjoyed stories throughout the day,
And loved to see our friends outside at play.


We are sad that our time together ended prematurely,
We have missed teaching you all before you move to Year three.


We have loved seeing all that you’ve done,
At home, with your families, we hope you’ve had fun.


When you come back to school in September,
You are two classes we will always remember.


Don’t forget to give us a smile and a wave,
And most importantly, make sure you all behave!


We wish you lots of luck as we send you on your way,
We hope you have a fantastic summer holiday!


Have a lovely summer holiday! We look forward to seeing you all in September. 


From Mrs Flory, Miss Baker, Mrs King, Mrs Buckle, Mrs Croft and Mrs Jolly xxxxx


P.S. Enjoy the video below of all our best bits in Year 2 xx

We hope you enjoyed Year 2!!

Still image for this video

Mrs Flory's Life in Year 2 Video...Enjoy!

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Miss Baker‘s Life in Year 2 Video 😊

Still image for this video

Reminders/Additional Information

Mrs Flory found an exciting challenge on Newsround which she thought some of you might like to take part in, linked to our Sports topic this half term. There is a new 'Sports Blue Peter 2020' badge you can apply for, by completing a sports challenge in your home or garden. Take a look! We would love to hear if you take part.


New addition to our 'Reading Planet' online. You can now select the KS2 library once logging in and on here you will be able to select many other books. If you are a free reader who chooses their own reading books from the library, you can select to read a colour band which best fits your ability. We do not have these other colours in school so currently but please scan through and find one that you are comfortable with reading. Please email your teacher if you would like advice. 


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