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Abbot's Hall Community Primary School - The school is currently closed. If you are a key worker and feel you may qualify for childcare please email

Daily Learning

Thank you for taking the time to complete some learning tasks at home during the time that school is closed. We really appreciate your support in continuing with learning to support the revision and progress of your child.


Each day we will post a '5 a day', this is something our children love to do each morning. We will also post some ideas for Maths, English and Topic, linked to learning your children will have already been doing in school. We aim to post a mixture of activities that can be downloaded, completed online and also activities that can be completed off-screen. The daily activities we have planned for you should aim to total around 2-4 hours. 

We hope you enjoy learning together home. 

Daily Messages.


A message from Mrs Flory and Miss Baker

Wednesday 3rd June
Good Morning Year 2! 

We hope that you and your families are all well and you have been enjoying this sunny weather. Some of you may have been able to see some of your family or friends from a distance now that we are able to see 6 people outdoors. Mrs Flory and Miss Baker have both enjoyed meeting their mums and sisters for an enjoyable walk in the countryside, keeping a safe distance.


We hope that you are enjoying your learning this week. Please feel free to still send photos of your learning, we would still love to see it. Although we are in school we will still be checking our emails and we are happy to respond.


Have a lovely day.


From Miss Baker and Mrs Flory smiley


P.S Thank you to Alana in Mrs Flory's class who noticed the shape on yesterday's maths learning was a pentagonal prism rather than a hexagonal prism!! Great spot Alana!


Please email us to share examples of your learning or to ask any questions: 

Reminders/Additional Information

A reminder from Mrs King that this Friday 5th June you will be taste testing some fruit and vegetables for your DT learning, so it would be great if you could have a small selection available to try at home, no particular types needed!


New addition to our 'Reading Planet' online. You can now select the KS2 library once logging in and on here you will be able to select many other books. If you are a free reader who chooses their own reading books from the library, you can select to read a colour band which best fits your ability. We do not have these other colours in school so currently but please scan through and find one that you are comfortable with reading. Please email your teacher if you would like advice. 


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