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Uniform Information



We take great pride in our school and expect that our children are dressed in the correct uniform every day. We believe that this instils a sense of belonging as well as creating a purposeful atmosphere within school. We ask that parents support this by ensuring that the children have the correct uniform at all times and that this is smartly worn.


Uniform:  Black trousers, shorts, skirt or pinafore dress, white blouse/shirt/polo-shirt, dark brown Abbot’s Hall sweatshirt/cardigan.  Brown or yellow gingham dresses may be worn in the summer.


All children should wear sensible black shoes (not trainers), that are not canvas or open toed. 

Abbot’s Hall School sweatshirts, cardigans, fleeces and bookbags are on sale from Inces, Ipswich Street, Stowmarket.


Physical Education

All children will need to have black shorts and white t-shirts to change into for PE. Children should have trainers for inside and outside lessons. Warm, dark coloured tracksuits will be needed in the colder weather and sun hats in the warm summer.



Jewellery, rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets can be dangerous to both the wearer and other children during playtimes, PE, games or swimming and should not to be worn to school.

Children with pierced ears may wear small studs but these must be removed for all PE including swimming. The school swimming service does not allow earrings to be worn. If parents are considering having their child’s ears pierced, the beginning of the summer holidays is advised to allow time for the ears to heal before returning to school in September. Please note that staff are not permitted to remove or replace children’s earrings. Children unable to remove and replace their own earrings will need to have them out on days when there is PE or swimming. .


Sun Cream

We request that in the warmer, sunnier months parents apply long lasting sun cream in the morning before coming to school as staff are unable to do this.

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