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Eco Schools

Switch off Fortnight is a national campaign that brings awareness to our use of energy by ensuring we are using energy responsibly. This means that everyone will be encouraged to make sure electrical equipment, of any kind, is turned off when not in use.  Switch off Fortnight will run from 16th November to the 27th November. 

In October 2019, the school retained its Eco School Green flag.

Abbot's Hall has proudly been an Eco School since 2009 when we gained our first Bronze award. We have since achieved the Silver award and the highest award 'Green Flag' status. The ten Eco topics are embedded into the school curriculum and daily life of the school.


The Eco Committee


The Committee meet at least once a month and include children from Years 1-6. At committee meetings we discuss the school Eco Action plan and collaboratively work towards achieving the targets. The Committee enjoy planning Eco events which involve the whole school such as 'Outdoor Classroom Day'. We regularly monitor the school grounds and suggest ways to improve our school. Eco members take pride in keeping Abbot's Hall looking clean and litter free and can often be seen at lunchtimes litter picking on the field and playground. 

The committee members take responsibility in their own classrooms for emptying the fruit peeling bins into the compost bins and monitor the use of paper and rubbish bins. 


School Grounds: Bulb planting in the Forest Classroom.

'The Friends' Committee gave the school 500 woodland bulbs to plant in the Forest Classroom to improve the habitat and regenerate the woodland. The Gardening Club children carefully planted daffodils, bluebells and snowdrops and we all look forward  seeing them flower in the spring!

Healthy Living

Gardening club planted runner beans and courgettes in the Spring term. When they were big enough they were planted out into the Bottle greenhouse to protect them from getting eaten by the deers. The children watered the plants and when we returned to school in September we had a bumper crop of runner beans which had grown out of the greenhouse roof!  Gardening club children picked the beans and took them home to share them with their families.


School Grounds  

In June the whole school took part in Outdoor Learning Day. All the classes engaged in a variety of learning activities outside which included phonics, maths, reading, PE and art. The sun was shining all day and everyone enjoyed their 'Outdoor Learning'! 

Outdoor Learning Day


The school has just launched an exciting initiative to recycle batteries. We have taken delivery of a huge battery collection container and each child has been given a small collecting box to take home. We are proud to be a school that supports recycling and the children are all keen to help fill the container.   


The Eco Committee members every day empty their class fruit peeling bins into our compost bins. The created compost is used by Gardening Club and placed onto the school vegetable plot. Foundation Stage children also place grass cuttings into the bins.



School Grounds and Litter

Forest Classroom clean up

The Gardening club spent a busy lunchtime in the Forest Classroom collecting litter and tidying the area. We found lots of PE equipment which had come over the fence and were able to clean it and return it back to the PE cupboard. We also collected litter which was either recycled, if appropriate, or put into the rubbish bins. 


Forest Classroom tidy up

Planting bulbs for Spring: School Grounds

It had been discussed at an Eco Committee meeting that the school would look better if we had more flowers growing. Gardening Club took this on board and planted spring bulbs in planters which were then placed outside the Year 2 classrooms on a unused stone area. Hopefully, when the bulbs grow they will look lovely!

Planting spring bulbs


The Eco Committee sorted their classes paper recycling boxes to check they contained only paper. They took out any cardboard, plastic and tissues and then emptied the paper into the big paper recycling bin. 



At Abbots Hall we have a 'Walking Bus' which runs every day before and after school. The 'Bus' walks the children to Asda car park where children are then collected by their adult. This initiative encourages children to walk to school rather than use a car and helps to reduce the amount of vehicles which are being driven close to the school, making the journey home to and from school safer for all

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