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Abbot's Hall Community Primary School - The school is open to Reception, Years 1 and 6. If you are a key worker and feel you may qualify for childcare please email

Daily Learning

Thank you for taking the time to complete some learning tasks at home during the time that school is closed. We really appreciate your support in continuing with learning to support the revision and progress of your child.

We appreciate that there are lots of other learning opportunities at home, so if you do run out of time or cannot complete something, please do not worry.


Each day we will post a '5 a day', this is something our children love to do each morning. We will also post some ideas for Maths, English and Topic, linked to learning your children will have already been doing in school. We aim to post a mixture of activities that can be downloaded, completed online and also activities that can be completed off-screen. The daily activities we have planned for you should aim to total around 2-4 hours. 

We hope you enjoy learning together at home. 

Daily Message- Monday 8th June

Good morning Year 6. How was your weekend? We hope you found some time to relax and chill out after your week of learning. What did you get up to? Did anyone play any board games? We had a bit of an UNO competition in our house!


I have been looking at the Year 6 pages and it really is amazing how much learning you are doing each week. How lucky you are to be able to have access to your teachers and teaching assistants, whether it be at school or virtually, a variety of learning to complete and resources to help you. I think we should definitely be grateful for that. Have a wonderful day – the start of week 2!

Mrs Aldous.

Friday 5th June

Hi everyone! How is it Friday already? Have you watched the Abbot’s Hall end of the week assembly yet? Mrs Bailey recorded a new virtual way of having an assembly with all the teams! I loved watching it from home with my children. We felt proud of all the children that achieved a proud certificate so a very well done to you all!

It was a treat to see some of the adults and children with their smiling faces. The classrooms, school and things we are doing might all be different, but the friendliness and positive nature of Abbot’s Hall is still shining through. It made my day! I hope all of you at home enjoyed it too and for those of you at school, I bet it was nice to see some of the other teams!

As we start our last day of the week, think about what you are proud of. There will definitely be something that everyone should be proud of this week and you deserve a great rest over the weekend. Stay safe and see you Monday!

Thursday 4th June


Every Thursday for the last 10 weeks, many people stopped what they were doing and made an effort to clap for the NHS and carers at 8pm to show their thanks for the amazing job they are doing. In fact, the word ‘carers’ includes many people – people caring for the elderly and those with disabilities, people doing an essential job such as delivery drivers, transport workers, supermarket staff, teachers and support staff looking after children – the list really does go on. Have you joined in with this event?


There was talk that last Thursday was the end of this special, weekly sign of thanks and appreciation so we wondered what you will do where you live? Will the clapping continue tonight, or do you think it might be time to show our appreciation for all the heroes in other ways? Perhaps you might like to send us an email to let us know what you think about it and what you will do. Whatever happens, we can all show kindness to everyone around us, whether it be a big, grand gesture or smaller little ways. Keep safe and keep being kind to yourself and each other.

Don’t forget we now have class emails, where you can write to us, telling us how you are getting on and asking any questions about the learning you may have. If you send us a picture of your learning, we could even add it to the website.


Remember, if you don't get time to complete the learning set, you can always come back to it later in the week, if you wish

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