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Who's Who

Meet our Team. . .


Senior Leadership Team




Mrs R. Bailey: Headteacher and Safeguarding Lead.       Mrs L. Carr: Co-Headteacher   




 Miss A. Saunders: Deputy Headteacher       Mrs H. Mason: Phase 1 Leader and Safeguarding Alternate        




Miss S Edwards: Phase 2 Leader                  Mr T Aldred: Phase 3 Leader




              Miss K Read: SENCo         Mrs J. Brown: Business Manager.   


Phase 1


 Teaching Staff:



Mrs Mason                  Miss Wakefield 

        Phase Leader            Assistant Phase Leader



       Mrs Scrivener, Mrs Evans, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Butcher




              Teaching Assistants: Mrs Mayhew, Mrs Mills, Miss Ward, Miss Bensley, Miss Frost, Mrs Lorandeau and Miss Payea


Phase 2


Teaching Staff:



    Miss Edwards            Miss Baker

                    Phase Leader        Assistant Phase Leader



         Mrs Brown, Mrs Meadows, Miss Snell, Miss Roper and Mrs Flory (Maternity leave)


Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Buckle, Miss Scott, Mrs Croft, Mrs Cooper and Mrs Jolly


Phase 3

Teaching Staff:



      Mr Aldred                   Miss Saunders

              Phase Leader           Assistant Phase Leader



Mrs Starling, Mrs Meadows, Miss Bufton, Miss Read, Mrs Childs, Mrs Curtis, Miss Moody and Mr Cole




Teaching Assistants: Mr Ellis,  Miss Williams, Mrs Filby, Mrs Aldous, Mrs Jewers, Mrs Manser and Miss Lacey


​High Level Teaching Assistants


   Mrs Alderton, Mrs Horrex and Mrs King


Specialist Physical Education Teacher


Mrs Cook


Special Needs Co-ordinator



Miss Read


Pupil Support Officer


Miss Cox


Admin Staff


      Mrs Brown (Business Manager)



Mrs Robinson (Financial Assistant), Mrs Corcoran (HR and Finance Officer), Mrs Hardy (Clerical Assistant)



 Mrs Pemberton (Librarian).


Lunchtime Staff


Kitchen: Mrs Steed(Cook), Mrs Clark, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Frost and Ms Bowman.



Senior Midday Supervisors: Mrs Clements and Mrs Hampton



      Midday Supervisors:Mrs Manser, Mrs Williams, Miss Ward, Mrs Ward, Mrs Stacey, Miss Bensley, Miss Freestone, Mrs Sewell


      Mrs Jackson, Mrs Brett, Mrs Southgate, Miss Rouse, Miss Bloom, Miss Everson, Mrs Cooper and Miss Gilbert

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