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Who's Who

Meet our Team. . .


Senior Leadership Team




Mrs R. Bailey                                     Mrs H Flory 

       Headteacher                             Deputy Headteacher

Safeguarding Lead                                                          



 Miss A. Saunders                              Mrs H. Mason       

Assistant Headteacher                 Safeguarding Alternate 




Miss B Baker               Miss S Edwards                Mr T Aldred

  Phase 1 Leader            Phase 2 Leader            Phase 3 Leader

 Safeguarding Alternate                                                                           




              Miss K Read: SENCo         Mrs J. Brown: Business Manager   


Phase 1


 Teaching Staff:



Miss Baker                      Mrs Inman

           Phase Leader              Assistant Phase Leader



      Mrs Mason, Mrs Scrivener, Mrs Evans and Mrs Thomas




              Teaching Assistants: Mrs Mayhew, Miss Bensley, Miss Frost, Miss Payea, Miss Paterson, Miss Austin and Mrs Buckle


Phase 2


Teaching Staff:



    Miss Edwards         

   Phase Leader        



        Miss Saunders, Mrs Brown, Mrs Meadows, Miss Snell, Miss Roper 


Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Aldous, Mrs Buckle, Miss Ward, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Jolly, Mrs Mills and Mrs Lee


Phase 3


Teaching Staff:



      Mr Aldred        

              Phase Leader          



Mrs Flory, Mrs Starling, Mrs Meadows, Miss Bufton, Miss Read, Mrs Childs, Mrs Curtis, Mrs Moody and Mr Cole




Teaching Assistants: Mrs Aldous, Miss Williams, Mrs Filby, Mrs Manser, Mrs Croft, Miss Scott and Mrs Anderson


​High Level Teaching Assistants


   Mrs Alderton, Mrs Horrex and Mrs King


Specialist Physical Education Teacher


Mrs Cook


Special Needs Co-ordinator



Miss Read


Pupil Support Officer



Miss Laws


Admin Staff


      Mrs Brown (Business Manager)



Mrs Jewers (HR & Finance Officer), Mrs Robinson (Financial Assistant),  Mrs Hardy (Clerical Assistant)



Mrs Ward (Librarian)



Lunchtime Staff


Kitchen: Mrs Steed(Cook), Mrs Clark, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Frost and Ms Bowman



Senior Midday Supervisors: Mrs Clements and Mrs Jackson



      Midday Supervisors: Mrs Manser, Miss Ward, Mrs Ward, Miss Bensley, Miss Austin, Miss Paterson, Mrs Jarman,



      Mrs Southgate, Miss Bloom, Mrs Cooper, Miss Gilbert, Mrs Jolly, Mrs Mills, Mrs Anderson,



Mrs Bishop-Laggett, Mrs Nicholson and Mrs Lee

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