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How is a special educational need identified?

1. Parents may raise concerns about their child via the class teacher, or class teachers themselves may identify a concern.


2. Class teachers will ensure that relevant interventions and in-class support are in place to meet the needs of the child within the classroom.


3. The SENCO may be consulted to undertake in-school assessments or work with a child if difficulties continue to impact progress.


4. A child may be placed onto a 'POP' (Personalised Opportunity Plan) to give them specific targets to work towards in their area of need, which will be reviewed half termly alongside parents/carers and the child.


5. In exceptional cases and if concerns remain, a referral can then be made to the relevant outside agency for further assessment.


6. If the relevant agency offers support, the child will be placed on a Personalised SEN Support Plan. This will be written with the involvement of the child, parents or carers, class teachers, relevant agencies and the SENCO.


7. In the rare case that needs may be severe and sustained and this process has not met the needs of the individual, it may be necessary to enter a multi-disciplinary assessment process in order to consider the need for an Education, Health and Care Plan.

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