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Virtual Tag Rugby Competition

The second competition event is the Virtual Primary Tag Rugby. Year 6 pupils will take part in this event during their PE lesson. 



- For this activity each year group will have a different amount of time to perform their Tag Rugby Drill.
- There will be 3 separate competitions covering all age groups with the points being added together to give an overall school score.

  •  Year 1&2 (30 Seconds)
  •  Year 3&4 (45 Seconds)
  •  Year 5&6 (60 Seconds)

Scoring and Levels
Please chose ONE of the activities below to perform to your allocated time allowed.
Each level from Easy to Challenging becomes slightly harder and therefore more points are scored for performing them correctly.


Easy – 1 Point:

Running with a Ball – Run while holding a rugby ball with 2 hands to a marked distance of 4 meters and return to your starting point e.g. shuttle run. 1 point will be awarded every time you pass a cone with a ball in your hands.


Medium – 2 Points:

Rugby Passing in Pairs – Find a partner, stand side on and perform a rugby style pass to them. Your Partner should be at least 3 meters away. 2 points are scored every time your partner catches your pass

Hard - 3 Points:

Zig Zag Try – Mark out an 8-meter zig zag shuttle run, the players will need to run it and out of the cones to reach the other side with the ball. Every time they pass through a gate they will score a try and receive 3 points.




Challenging - 4 Points:

Receiving on the Move – Follow the steps of Stage 2, by keeping 3 meters apart from your partner. Run with the ball and pass it to your partner while you are both moving. 4 points are scored every time they catch the ball on the move.
Top Tip: Mark out channels for this activity, if you have a limited space player can go and a down a smaller area.



Congratulations to everyone in Year 6 who took part in the Virtual Primary Tag Rugby competition! All pupils took part in all four challenges and their points were added together for a combined result. 


Below are the in-house results at Abbot's Hall for the top three boys and top three girls in each category of the Virtual Primary Tag Rugby.  



Abbot's Hall Virtual Primary Tag Rugby
Combined results (in school) from all four challenges
  Name Challenge breakdown Total Score     Name Challenge breakdown Total Score
1 Osca 33+120+24+128 305   1 Teagan 29+110+21+64 224
2 Ryan 24+120+24+128 296   2 Poppy 29+106+21+64 220
3 Noah 29+110+21+88 248   3 Darci 25+92+18+84 219

Virtual Primary Tag Rugby results from across the Gipping Valley

and Thurston School Sport Partnership


Across the GVTSSP there were 10 primary schools that took part in the Virtual Primary Tag Rugby competition. Approximately 607 pupils!  


At Abbot's Hall, we had the whole of Year 6 take part in the Virtual Primary Tag Rugby competition. This was during the pupils' Tag Rugby PE lessons. We are extremely proud of each and every one of you. You showed great determination and commitment to each challenge that you faced. 


The GVTSSP gave out a Participation Trophy for this competition based on the number of pupils/classes that took part. The winners of the Participation Trophy were Trinity Primary and Gt Barton Primary. 


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