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Foundation Stage

Welcome to Foundation Stage Classes

Meet our Staff

The Foundation Stage Team



Teaching Staff: Mrs Mason and Mrs Biggs.



Teaching Assistants: Mrs Mayhew, Mrs Boreham, Mrs Mills and Mrs Buckle.


Our Learning for the second half of the Summer Term is based upon 'Growing'. We have looked in detail at the popular story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. The children produced some excellent story resources for their Home Learning which were used in class to help retell the story. The children have been developing their Technology skills by using Word on the computers to type their own version of the story. We have some budding authors in the class!

We have planted sunflowers seeds and the children have been helping to look after them and discussing what a plant needs to grow. They were very excited to see the first shoots poking up from the soil. In their numeracy learning the children will be measuring the sunflowers and comparing the heights of the plants. 

As a part of Active Week the children will taking part in their Sports Day and trying out lots of new sports. We will be tasting vegetables when we make healthy pitta pockets and talking about how to keep healthy.

We will thinking about the school habitat of the forest and field and the children will be exploring the different creatures which might live in them. They will discuss how we should care for our environment and help plants and animals to grow.  Will learn about the life-cycles of frogs and caterpillars and bug hunt in our Outdoor Area. 

Our summer term will finish with the children basing their learning on another popular story, 'Bear Hunt' 

This half term our topic is 'Time Detectives'.

We have been thinking about going back in time to learn more about how things in the past might be different from our lives now.  Our first project was learning about The Great Fire of London. Children took on the role of key characters, such as Samuel Pepys, King Charles and the baker in Pudding Lane. They were able to answer questions in role posed by their peers. The children have written newspaper reports about what an eyewitness may have seen, smelt or heard during the fire. We also pretended to be the firefighters and used buckets of water to learn  the numeracy skills of counting, estimating,doubling, halving and measuring.  

We have also been learning about People Who Help Us in PSHE. As well as thinking about who helps us at school and at home we have been lucky enough to be visited by some of our parents who work in the community. They have shown us their uniforms, the items they use at work and told us lots of information about their jobs.

Our learning has taken further back in time, to millions of years ago when dinosaurs lived on earth. The children have explored how to hatch baby dinosaurs frozen in ice and used balancing scales to compare their weight. We created our own dinosaur from junk materials and called it a 'Boxasaurus'! We learnt more about dinosaurs by reading non-fiction and fiction books. We were very excited to see a dinosaur had visited the school and left behind a nest of eggs!

 'Out and About'.

This half term we will be exploring the features of the town and country. We will be taking part in our Forest School sessions which will involve visiting Combs Forest where the children will explore the forest habitat. They will learn about the creatures who live in the forest, being safe in the forest, make dens and eat toast they have cooked over a fire.

We will retell and act out the fable 'Town Mouse, Country Mouse', which helps the children to compare the 2 differing environments. Our literacy focus will continue with learning about the books 'Gruffalo' and 'Stickman'. 

The half term will finish with learning about the Easter story. For more details of curriculum information please see our termly curriculum booklet. Below are some of the pictures of us learning and exploring through out this half term.

Tractor Visit


We were very lucky to have a visit from the Young Farmers Club. Two farmers came to talk to us about how our food gets from Farm to Fork. Farmer Craig also told us all about a typical day in the life of a farmer. Then we were able to look at his HUGE tractor and climb inside the cab. We learnt a lot about life in the countryside. Our farmer friends were very impressed by our great listening skills, super behaviour and interesting questions.

Picture 1
Picture 2

This half term our topic is  'Super Scientist'.



 We will be investigating our 5 senses this half term and will become Super Scientists! Some of the books that we are sharing  include Brown Bear Brown Bear, Peace at Last and Oliver's Vegetables. Perhaps you could find these in the library and share them at home? We will be taking part in the RSPB Big Bird Watch and looking at the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy.  We will end the half term with a 'Chinese New Year Week' in which we will be looking at the customs and celebrations of this festival. For more details of curriculum information please see our termly curriculum booklet. Below are some of the pictures of us learning and exploring through out this half term.




Tuesday 6th February was Internet Safety Day. The children learnt about how to use tablets and other mobile devices safely by reading the 'Buddy the Dog' story. In the story Buddy the dog reminded his owner Ben to ask a grown up if he was unsure about anything on his tablet or phone. We discussed with the children about the type of mobile devices they use at home and reinforced the important rule of 'asking a grown up'. The 'Buddy the Dog' story is attached below for you to discuss further with your child at home. 

Buddy the Dog Online Safety story.

During 'Touch Week' we learnt about the natural artist Andy Goldsworthy. The children created their own pieces of artwork using natural objects.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural experiences

Physical Development in the Foundation Stage is taught across the curriculum and throughout our indoor and outdoor provision. Children enjoy free-flow access to indoor/outdoor facilities all day. They also have 2 designated PE sessions each week which will focus on the skills of balance, object control and stability. We work hard to develop fine and gross motor skills so that children grow to be strong and well coordinated individuals.

Physical Development

Anti- Bullying Month

The whole school has been looking at various aspects of PSHE development in November. In Foundation Stage we looked at what makes a good friend. The children wrote about the qualities of a good friend. The children especially considered kind actions and words. We also learnt a song using greetings in different languages. 

Phonics Information Evening

4th October 

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for this event. We hope that you found it useful and are now enjoying the resources we were able to share with you. Below you will find the presentation to remind you of all that we talked about. If you have any other questions, as always do ask class teachers.



Our on-line Learning Journey - Tapestry. Here are some useful documents to support you when setting up and accessing your child's learning

Our Autumn term topic is 'Up in the Air'.

We read Owl Babies in the Forest Classroom and flew around the trees pretending to be baby owls. The children used positional words to talk about where the owls were sitting when on their logs. In the story Whatever Next the children learnt about about what to take on a journey to the moon and enjoyed using their imagination to go in their own rockets and hot air balloons. 

As the weather turned colder we explored ice and snow and talked about the changed we could see. 

As the term came to a close we visited the Church to see their Christmas Tree Festival and put on our Christmas performance of 'The Angel Paperboy'. 

Our Autumn topic  is  called "Hands Across the World".

We will be learning about ourselves and our friends. We will learn about different languages and traditions that our friends may know. Some of the books that we will be sharing are The Tiger Who Came to Tea, Need a Trim Jim, Handa's Surprise, Handa's Hen, We Went on a Safari and Katie and the Waterlillies. You might like to share these books at home, find them in the library or watch the film clips on You Tube to support your child's learning. We will end the topic with a French Immersion Week. We will share some typical French food, learn some French Country dancing and also explore the paintings of Claude Monet.

Autumn Term Learning

Here are some pictures of us all making friends and settling into our new classes.

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