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Yesterday's SPaG Answers

SPAG Answers for Wednesday 1st April 2020

Underline the adjectives in green (3), verbs in red (2), nouns in orange (3) and adverbs in blue(1):

The greedy piglet ate his delicious dinner then rolled happily in the slimy mud.


Write these verbs in the past tense:

smile = smiled                stop = stopped


Add either a or an:

I had an excellent day at school!               I saw a squirrel in the woods.


Underline the fronted adverbial:

At the end of the day, I like to relax by reading my book.


Underline the determiner:

“Would you like some cake?” asked Max.

SPAG Answers for Tuesday 31st March 2020


Apostrophes for contraction

Write the shortened (contracted) versions of these phrases. Example: Did not =  didn’t

I will = I'll                               Was not = Wasn't


Apostrophe for possession

The nest belonging to one wasp = the wasp's nest

The nest belonging to two wasps = the wasps' nest


Circle the correct answer.

How many birds are there?........The bird’s feathers               (One bird / more than one bird)

How many houses are there?............The houses’ windows            (One house / more than one house)

SPAG Answers for Monday 30th March 2020


Underline the adjectives in green (3), verbs in red (3), nouns in orange (3) and adverbs in blue(1):

Susan quickly put her new, red coat on and ran out to play in the white snow.


Write these verbs in the past tense:

begin = began          pop = popped


Add either a or an before the following words / phrases:

a juicy tomato                  an imaginative story


Underline the fronted adverbial:

As quick as flash, the cat chased the mouse.


Underline the determiner:

Sally ate an apple.

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