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Year 4 News

This is a space where you can share a short news update with Year 4. This may be a note/speech bubble that tells us:


- A new skill you have learnt

- Which learning tasks you have enjoyed

- A positive message to make people smile 

- How you have been keeping active 


The Year 4 adults will also post updates to share with you.


Please do not include any names of other children or personal information in your notes. If you would like to share some news, please email a photo of your written note to your class teacher. 


A message from Mrs Lorandeau

Hi guys,


I hope you all had a good half term. We have been busy in my house with our learning again this week but felt it was also important to have lots of fun and look after ourselves too. I thought it would be a good idea to do a science experiment, so we blew up balloons using an empty bottle, vinegar and bicarbonate soda. My children then came up with the great idea of making stress balls using balloons and cornflour (I think any flour would work). I would add water to it next time to stop it being so squeaky. 

We had great fun, however I may have gotten a bit messy. It would be great to hear what fun things you guys have been up to  and how you have been looking after you well-being.


Keep working hard and having fun. 


Hope to see you all soon. 


Mrs Lorandeau 


A beautifully written poem by a parent to share with you all. We think this perfectly sums up how we are all feeling about each and everyone of you smiley

Hi Year 4,


I hope you are all staying safe at home and keeping busy.  I am loving our latest topic. The Ancient Greeks is one of my favourite because I love reading the myths and legends and I hope you enjoyed the story of the Trojan Horse. 

We miss you all and can’t wait to see everyone again. I am looking forward to seeing or hearing about all the things you have been doing and learning. William and I have been working very hard on our Maths and English, but don’t worry we’ve made time to share some stories and do lots of baking. As a family we enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea to celebrate VE Day. 


I would be lovely to hear from you all.


Stay safe and we will see you all soon


Mrs Lorandeau 




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