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Topic Learning

Thursday 2nd April


As today was supposed to be ‘Mrs Dolan’s Day’ at school, we have still decided to do lots of animal themed activities. Mrs Dolan loved animals and this is a great way for us to celebrate her life. 


Below are a range of activities. You can choose to do as many or as little as you like. We will leave these on here so you can always access these over the Easter break if you wish. There are a range of on-screen and off-screen activities. We hope you enjoy doing some of these!



  • Visit Edinburgh Zoo website. On here they have some live cameras in their enclosures. Look to see what they animals are up to. 

  • Visit Chester Zoo website. Last week they delivered a virtual day at their zoo and talked lots about the animals. You can watch these sessions back. 

  • If your grown ups have Facebook with their permission and guidance you may like to access Chesstington World of Adventure's Facebook page at 2pm today to see some live footage. 
Picture 1

Indoor Activities

  • If you enjoy doing arts and craft and you have resources at home. Below are some examples of animal craft that you could do at home. We have tried to find examples that need little resources. You might even have your own ideas!

  • Do you have any wool at home? Why not try and make an animal pom pom. See the links below for examples on how to do this. 

  • Make your own hedgehog using sticks and playdough. See the link below. 

  • If you enjoyed the mindfulness colouring in yesterday, print out the animal mindfulness colouring in sheets to do today.

  • Did you enjoy the Cosmic Yoga last week? Why not try an animal themed yoga session today?


Activities for the outdoors

  • Do you have any animal toys? If so, take them outside when the sun is shining. Make some animal shadows and draw round them. If there is no sun you could always use a lamp. See the link below. 

  • Using empty milk cartons you could make a bird house feeder for the birds in your garden or if you do not have a garden keep hold of this and we can hang it in our pond area at school. Below are some photos to give you some ideas on how to do this

Wednesday 1st April

With only two days until our Easter break we wanted to give you a range of creative ideas to keep you busy today and possibly over the Easter break. We hope you enjoy some of these ideas. You could complete just one of these activities or as many as you like over the Easter period!


  • Think about ‘The Christian Story of Easter’ and why this is celebrated across the world. Watch this short video and talk about the story with your grown up. Why are ‘eggs’ a key symbol at Easter? Spend some time making a Jesus cross. You could use sticks from outside, paint, collage etc. Look at the photos below for some ideas.


  • Enjoy some Easter craft. Use any craft materials you have at home including paper, paint, card, paper plates, tissue etc. Have lots of fun! We have attached lots of photos below to give you many ideas!

  • Have some fun baking! You could make some Easter nests just like Miss Baker’s. All you need is some cereal and chocolate to melt!

  • Enjoy some mindfulness colouring. There are some examples attached below.


Tuesday 31st March

In our PSHE lessons this term, we have been talking about friendships and gaining an understanding of individual roles in cooperative play. We have discussed what we consider to be a good friend and also recognised how our own behaviour can affect others.

Below is a link to a ‘What I Want in a Friend?’ template. You can use this to cut and stick the most important things that you consider a friend to need to be like or do. If you don’t have access to a printer, you can draw the outline of a body and write in your ideas.


We would now like you to consider how you might help your friends and others if they were in need. What could you do to help them? Have a look at the following link and discuss with a grown-up what you might do in each scenario. Maybe you could get a grown-up to act out the scenarios with you?




Monday 30th March 

Today we have an EGG-citing science EGG-speriment for you to complete! You will need to use the science investigation plan sheet from your pack. If you do not have this, it is available for you to download and print or you can copy out your own version. 


What is your task?

We would like you to have an egg race and explore how you can make your egg roll the fastest! You will need to create a ramp using any construction or track you may have or you could also use a tray, box, cardboard or anything similar. You may even be lucky enough to have a slide in your garden that you could use. You will need a real or toy egg or you can use any type of ball as an alternative or perhaps scrunch up some tin foil or paper to create your egg. 


Consider the following questions as you explore rolling the egg down your ramp:

  • How quickly does your egg roll down your ramp? (Count or use a timer)

  • What happens if you change the angle of your ramp? Making it higher/steeper or lower? 

  • Could you use different size eggs/balls? What difference does this make?

  • What happens if you wrap your egg in different materials? E.g. paper, tin foil, fabric, bubble wrap, kitchen roll. Does it affect the speed the egg travels? Why do you think this is? Could you roll more than one egg at once and see which one wins? 


Fill in your investigation sheet as you go along. What do you predict will make your egg roll the fastest? How will you keep it a fair test? What did you find out? 


You may like to ask your grown ups to take a photograph of you doing this experiment or you could draw a picture of it afterwards. HAVE FUN!


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