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Topic Learning

As today was supposed to be ‘Mrs Dolan’s Day’ at school, we are celebrating her love of animals.


Some Zoos around the country are doing some LIVE sessions where you can see different animals at their feedings times and talks from the zoo keepers. 

  • Visit Edinburgh Zoo website. On here they have some live cameras in their enclosures. Look to see what they animals are up to. 

  • Visit Chester Zoo website. Last week they delivered a virtual day at their zoo and talked lots about the animals. You can watch these sessions back. 


If your grown ups have Facebook with their permission and guidance you may like to access Chesstington World of Adventure's Facebook page at 2pm today (Thursday 2nd April) to see some live footage. 


A Zoo that you may have been to is Colchester Zoo and tomorrow on Friday 3rd April  they are running LIVE sessions at 11am with their sea lions and 1pm with their cheeky goats. 

Thursday 2nd April 2020


For your topic learning today - choose one of the computing options below to have a go at. One will require you to use a device that is connected to the internet and one can be done offline on paper. 


Activity 1 - online

Have a look at the coding game from hour of code.  See if you can input the correct computing code to complete the instructions. When you are working your way through the levels, see if you can use some computing language to talk about what you are doing e.g. 


algorithm - this means a set of instructions - I have written an algorithm to make the character move forwards 3 spaces. 

debugging - this means correcting an error - I have debugged the instructions as I needed my character to walk one more step forward.    (you can also find it by searching for hour of code, minecraft hero's journey)



Activity 2 - offline


In our online safety lessons, we have been exploring acceptable and unacceptable behaviours when you are communicating online. We would like you to create your own board game (maybe like snakes and ladders) where you can show what you know about acceptable and unacceptable choices. 

There are some resources below that might help you get some ideas and a template you might use to help you make your own game. 

Wednesday 1st April 



In science last week, we looked at the names of different parts of a flowering plant. If you need a reminder, scroll down to have a peek!


Discussion point:

Can you remember the names of the parts of a plant?


Today you will plan an investigation to answer the question: 'What do Plants Need to Survive?'


1. Watch this video: to 1min 40seconds

2. What do we need to survive?

3. Watch the rest of the video: What 3 things do plants need to survive?


Learning task

Plants need AIR, WATER, NUTRIENTS (food) and LIGHT. How could we investigate whether this is true?


Imagine you have two plants. With Plant A, you will give it everything it needs to survive. With Plant B, you will take something away to see what happens.


Where will you put the plant?

What will you take away from it?


Could you put it in a cupboard to take light away?

Where would you put Plant A so that it has everything it needs?


Attached is a link to the planning sheet:


If you do not have a printer, write your ideas for your investigation on a piece of paper.

Picture 1

Tuesday 31st March


Physical Education – Create a Gymnastics Routine.

Activity –

  • We would like you to create your own gymnastics routine with different shapes and movements. Maybe think about pre-historic animals and how they would move or what their shapes would be like! Have fun being creative!
  • You need to include a clear starting position and an ending position too to show your routine is done.
  • Try to hold each position for 5 seconds.
  • Maybe find a nice piece of music to do this routine too, we’d like it to be at least 2 minutes long.
  • Write a list of each shape/movement so that you have recorded your routine and we would like you to include at least 10 different shapes or movements.
  • You could take photos or a video of you doing this to share with us when we return to school.
  • Some example gymnastic positions:
Picture 1

Monday 30th March



Today for your topic learning, we are focusing on History. We would like you to use what you have learnt in History this term in our Stone Age topic.


Learning Task:

Design a computer/PlayStation/Xbox game that would teach children about life in the Stone Age.

1. Give your game a name!

2. Explain the different levels.

3. Set some challenges/quests.

4. How could you pick the character that represents you (the player)?

5. Describe the environment that the character exists in.

6. How will your character survive the harsh, Neolithic world? Perhaps there is something they need to collect to help the survive?



Picture 1

Friday RE: Christianity                                                                                                   

Discussion Points –

What do Christians believe?

What did Jesus to do show others he loved them?

What did he Sacrifice?

How would you feel if you gave these things up?


This is a good link to a website to remind you of some learning you will have done before about Christianity.


Activity –                                          

  • We would like you to think about things that you love and things that you would give up/sacrifice. Can you think of 10 things for each? 

You could set this out however you would like but some ideas are listed below:

  • In a table,
  • As a poster with subheadings and explanations,
  • Writing on pebbles or stones (you could paint these first),
  • ‘love’ and ‘sacrifice’ cards pictures on one side and writing on the back. 



Challenge – Can you think about what good things Jesus did to help others and what he gave up and sacrificed in his life?




You could choose an activity to do from the Year 3 ‘Ongoing Learning’ page.

Thursday Art – Stone Age Model


Activity -

We would like you to be creative and create a Stone Age 3D model of a settlement or home (e.g. cave, wigwam or house).

This could be a project that you start today but takes you a little while to complete over several days. 

  • You could use LEGO, play doh, modelling clay, paper mache, building blocks, junk modelling, paint, etc.
  • Some examples are shown below.
  • Think back to our learning about what types of houses they had and what their homes were made out of.
  • You could add animals, people and other objects such as weapons, beds, chairs or fires etc.




We look forward to seeing what you create :-)


  • Challenge –

Can you write down a description to go with your Stone Age settlement or Home to explain what each part is made out of, what it is for and and why it is needed?



Wednesday - Science

In Science, we would like you to start looking at plants! Below is a scientific diagram labelled with the names of different parts of a flowering plant. Look at the information below about the different parts.


Picture 1

Read the information below to learn more...

Read the information below to learn more... 1
Read the information below to learn more... 2
Read the information below to learn more... 3
Read the information below to learn more... 4

Learning task:

Go outside in the garden (if you can) and look at a flowering plant closely. If not, below are some examples for you to look at.

Remember our ‘working scientifically’ skill: Making careful observations.

Draw a careful diagram of a flowering plant. Label it with the names of the plant. Add some important information that you have learnt about the roots, stem, flower and leaves.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Tuesday - PE learning

It's so important to keep active! If you were at school last week, you may remember having a go at some of the videos on 'Go Noodle' to keep our bodies and minds alert. Here is one we all LOVED to warm you up.


If you have a ball at home, have a go at these football skills using the videos on the link below: ‘Toe taps’ and ‘Shuffle’.


If not, keep active using the links on our 'ongoing learning' page. This includes a firm favourite for Year 3-Jump Start Jonny!

Monday - History: Research Skara Brae and create a fact file.


Activity -

We would like you to do some research into Skara Brae and find out why it was important.

  • You could use your computing skills to research online and create a fact file on your computer. Think about using a title and subheadings to organise your face file. Try to use your copying and pasting skills to include pictures and key facts. Can you change the font type, colour, size and make your fact file look attractive? Here is an example of a link that would give you lots of information but you could use the google

  • Or you could use the document below with lots of facts, to gather information and create your own fact file on paper.  Think about how you are going to set your fact file out with a title, subheadings and try to include a drawing which you could label.


Challenge –

Could you paint, sketch, draw, trace, collage, use play do or even junk modelling to create Skara Brae?

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