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Spelling and handwriting

On this page you will find the spelling pattern we are focusing on this week. The words will be shared with you along with a PowerPoint (key slides will be uploaded as pictures for anyone who cannot access PowerPoint), a wordsearch and a handwriting practice sheet with the 10 words for you to have a go at if you wish. 


At the bottom of this page are a range of other spelling games and activities we do in class that you might also want to have a go at to practise this week's spellings. 


On a Friday, you might be able to ask a grown-up at home to test you on this week's spellings. 


Here is the word document telling you what spelling patterns we will be covering this Summer 2 Term if you want to look ahead. There is also one for those of you who have worked with your teacher on 5 key spellings each week. 

Spelling activities 

- Spelling Shed (email your class teacher if you have forgotten your username or password) 

- Rainbow writing: write the spelling word in one coloured pencil, then go over the top in another colour and finally a third colour

- Quickwrite: how many times can you write one of the spelling words in a minute? Can you beat your time?

- Look, cover, say, write check 

- pyramid writing: see the example below where you add a letter to each new row you start










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