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Spelling Activities

Monday 4th May - New resource 


Hi everyone,


I hope you are well and having lots of fun learning and spending time at home with your families?


I have been amazed by all the super learning I’ve seen on our year group page, this has made me smile lots!  What a fantastic job you and your grown-ups are doing. :) 


Here are some spelling/phonic activities for you to do, you can adapt them to suit your own ability - maybe try starting with a few words at a time and when you are confident with these move on to the more challenging ones?


I hope you enjoy these.  If you’d like to share your work then please send them to your teachers’ email. :)


Mrs Croft 


Find below two phase 5 activities, one is farm themed.

New Resource

Good morning Year 2!


I have put together a word search for you to complete as a reminder of all the spelling rules you had worked so hard at last term.  Can you spot our spelling rules and underlined them? You could also practice these spellings using rainbow or pyramid writing.


I hope you enjoy it.

Mrs Buckle J



Please find below various resources and activities which you could access to support with your spelling while our school is closed. Some of you may know this is an area you need to work on and therefore may want to complete some of these activities on a daily basis or once a week. 


  • Below you will find a document which shows you all the spelling rules we learn in Year 2. Some of these are very tricky! But please have a look through. You may like to focus on one rule a week or one each day and you could ask your grown ups to give you a mini spelling test!


  • Use some different spelling strategies to help you practise the Year 2 spelling words. We have been practising to show you how to do it. 

    • Rainbow Writing

    • Pyramid Writing

    • Highlight the ‘tricky’ part of the word

    • Quick write - See how many times you can write a word in 1 minute! Count up and tick how many times you spelt it correctly.

    • Practise the words using chalk outside, with wet paint brushes on the patio, felt tip pens on the back of old wallpaper rolls

    • Look, cover, write, check


  • Spelling Shed is a great way to practise your spelling. We have updated the spellings on here. 

    • Mrs Flory and Miss Baker’s spelling groups - All Key Stage spellings
    • Mrs Buckle’s spelling group - Year 2 Common Exception Words
    • Mrs Croft’s spelling group - High Frequency Words

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