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Reading Answers

Tuesday 14th July

Monday 13th July

Friday 10th July

1.  a Frond – the leaf or leaflike part of a palm, fern or similar plant. 

     b Intently – with eager and earnest attention

2.  Whimpering

3.  Father and son

4.  Crows

5.  It says that it was “ a long while later that Alfie first heard it” so they must have been 

     there for a long while. 

6.  The sounds were coming from the old Pest House or the great rock in the middle of

     the island. 

7.  He thinks that someone is there, he doesn’t feel comfortable about it so whispers so

     that they won’t be able to hear. 

Wednesday 8th July

1.  To ring, or to make or be filled with a deep full reverberating sound. 

     A religious or solemn ceremony with a series of actions performed in a certain order

2.  Threadbare

3.  Religiously

4.  To bring him luck

5.  Untidy – all his clothes are on the bedroom floor, his shirt is still buttoned up from the night before, there are piles of comics and magazines

6.  A half empty box of Tic Tacs, a tatty exercise book and a couple of biros. 

7.  How to run and hide. 

Answers for Tuesday 7th July

1.      a) perpetual - never ending or changing or happening repeatedly; so often as to seem

              endless and uninterrupted.

      b) If something tends to happen, it usually happens or it often happens.

          If you tend towards a particular characteristic, you often display that characteristic.

2.   Plucked

3.  “enjoying the sun on her back” or “It was the perfect summer’s day.”

4.  “Bursting with rage”

5.  She didn’t want to see him.  “she froze, mid-much”.    She doesn’t like him.  She calls him a

     “horrible creature.”

6.  She finds magic difficult.  It says “as usual, nothing happened.” This sounds like when she

     tries magic, she can’t do it.  She was “searching for a spark of magic.”  It wasn’t something

     that she could easily find inside herself. 

7.  She is caring because she tries to rescue the dormouse.  She picks him up “gently” and

     wraps him up in her hands.  She “dashes” to get help as fast as possible. 

Answers for Monday 6th July

1.  Urged - try earnestly or persistently to persuade (someone) to do something.

     Poised - having a composed and self-assured manner.

             or - balanced or suspended

2.  bread and butter

3.  Suppertime, so late afternoon.

4.  Set in the past, children today don't usually have a nursery or a nursery maid.

5.  She is afraid.  She is described as "shaking all over" and as having "fear in her heart."  She might also be afraid of getting the sack.  

6.  Maybe Mouse is an orphan and if he dies, Uncle Scrope will inherit his fortune.  Maybe he hates the boy or his parents.  Maybe  he is just evil!

7.  To show how all the movement is attracting the boy and why he is reaching out and thinking about flying.

8. It makes Mouse seem very alive and alert.  "bright brown eyes" whereas the Uncle's pale eyes make him seem faded and pale, almost         ghostly.  

9.  Rich - there are servants in the house and the house must be huge if it has 4 floors.  

Answers for Friday 3rd July


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Answers for Monday 22nd June


Answers for Friday 19th June

  1.  A food chain is a long line of animals, each depending on another animal or plant for its food. 
  2. So that no animal or plant is completely wiped out.  We are not all competing for the same food. 
  3. To show how the different animals and plants are linked and inter-linked. 

Answers for Monday 15th June


  1. An organism is a living thing which can reproduce offspring, e.g. a cactus or a human being.
  2. A piece of rock or a computer
  3. Any 3 from:  
  • they take in food to make energy
  • they give off waste products
  • they grow
  • they move
  • they are affected by changes in the world around them
  • they change or adapt over time to suit their environment
  • they produce new living things (babies)

4.  It grows, but very slowly

5.  Because some things look the same and don't appear to change because it happens so slowly.

6.  Open ended.  

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Answers for Monday 8th June

Answers for Tuesday 2nd June

  1. “a chaos of churning, bubbling, dark water...”
  2. “emerged”
  3. Atum or Re
  4. Tefnut is the goddess of moisture and rain.
  5. There were different skin colours because Re made humans from pieces of different coloured clay.
  6. Osiris, Isis, Seth and Nephthys.

Answers for Monday 1st June

  1.  “Thousands of people have already downloaded it.”
  2. £1.99
  3. To show that children will love playing the game and enjoy the graphics/find it exciting
  4. Strange
  5. Money off
  6. Open ended

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