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Abbot's Hall Community Primary School - The school is open to Reception, Years 1 and 6. If you are a key worker and feel you may qualify for childcare please email

Reading Answers

Answers for Tuesday 2nd June

  1. “a chaos of churning, bubbling, dark water...”
  2. “emerged”
  3. Atum or Re
  4. Tefnut is the goddess of moisture and rain.
  5. There were different skin colours because Re made humans from pieces of different coloured clay.
  6. Osiris, Isis, Seth and Nephthys.

Answers for Monday 1st June

  1.  “Thousands of people have already downloaded it.”
  2. £1.99
  3. To show that children will love playing the game and enjoy the graphics/find it exciting
  4. Strange
  5. Money off
  6. Open ended

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