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Ongoing Learning

fantastic website that we as teachers use for some resources is Twinkl.              

They have kindly opened this up to parents at this time for FREE. You will find lots of resources on the website for your child in the Year 4 area. 


This is the link to register:


The code you will need is: UKTWINKLHELPS


Below is a list of on-going MATHS, ENGLISH, PHYSICAL and TOPIC tasks which you could complete throughout the time our school is closed.




  • Practise your Times Tables – You could use either:

        ‘Times tables Rock Stars' (

        Mathsframe (

        Hit the Button (

        or any other method to improve and increase your times table recall speed.


  • Play different Maths games on the online Maths Shed – This will help with your recalling your number facts (Access this through your Spelling Shed log in)





  • Read a range of texts at home. You could see how many type of texts you can find...These could include story books, non-fiction texts, instructions for games, maps, recipe books etc.



  • Practise your Year 4 Spelling Rules. Use the spelling Shed website – your login details are in your yellow log.


  • Practise the Year 4 Statutory Spellings using the word mat below (or in your packs) to spell the words correctly. You could use any of our spelling strategies that we use in school such as silly sentences, quickwrite, trace and copy, pyramid writing, drawing around the word, rainbow writing and look, cover, say and write. 


  • Practise your joined handwriting using the 'Penpals' handwriting joins we use at school. Use the picture below to remind you which letters join and which letters do not. Also be careful to check the height of ascenders (letters that go up) and decenders (letters that go down).

PenPals Handwriting Joins:

Year 3 and 4 Spelling List:



Joe Wicks is doing LIVE 'PE with Joe' workouts daily from 9am on his youtube page.


How many can you complete off the music bingo grid?

Art at Home

Here are some fun and mindful art tasks to improve your pencil/drawing skills. How many can you complete? Can you use any of these to practice the statutory spellings which are available on this page. See above.

School Awards

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