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Abbot's Hall Community Primary School - The school is open to Reception, Years 1 and 6. If you are a key worker and feel you may qualify for childcare please email

Message from our Chair of Governors

Welcome to Abbot’s Hall

from the Chairman of Governors


            Throughout this difficult and unusual time, everybody here at school remains positive and we look forward to the time when we can return to normal. When that time does arrive, I shall be in school regularly to meet and support your children and hopefully meet many of you as well.


           Mrs. Bailey and the staff are here to lead the day to day running of the school and the role of the Governors is to work closely with the school leadership team to develop the vision, ethos and direction of the school. The Governors aim to achieve a balance of support and challenge, to ensure that your children get the best possible standard of education. We do this by meeting regularly with staff, attending meetings, visiting the school and observing lessons. The Governors help to develop and approve all school policies, monitor the curriculum and the progress and achievements of the children. We monitor the school finances, to ensure that the money is well spent and we take part in staff appointments and monitor the wellbeing and safety of both the children and staff. Governors are responsible for the performance management of the Headteacher and we set targets for her and meet regularly to ensure that these targets are being met.


           There are currently nine governors at Abbot’s hall, made up of the Headteacher, another member of staff, three parents and four co-opted governors, from a mix of backgrounds, including business and education. As we become an Academy, we expect the number of governors to remain about the same.


            I am sure you are all aware that Abbot’s Hall became an Academy school on May 1st, 2020. After very careful consideration and detailed consultations the Governors approved the decision for the school to join the Children’s Endeavour Trust, along with four other Stowmarket schools and two in Ipswich. This is the beginning of a very exciting time for the school. We expect the Governing Body to continue to operate very much as it has done in the past. Our overall aim remains to achieve the best possible standard of education for all and we will continue to challenge and support the staff. It is also envisaged that we will be able to work closely with the Governing Bodies of the other schools and learn from each other’s skills and experiences.


Gary Kenworthy

Chairman of Governors

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