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Maths Learning

Thursday 2nd April 2020

As you have probably worked out, as it is our last day, you have two clues to complete today so you can finally solve the Easter mystery!


The first one to complete, clue 4, is all about time and matching the digital time to the words below. As we haven’t done lots of time learning in year 4, use the bitesize video and questions to help recap your digital time learning from year 3 If you still get stuck, use the support document below to talk through the digital 24 hour times with your grown up to then help you. 


Digital clock support PDF

Lastly, complete clue 5. This is all linked to your times tables which I know you have all been very busy practising this week! You will need to use both your multiplication and division facts to help you. Whizz through the final clue to find out who our mystery culprit is!


Look back later in the answers to check you solved the mystery correctly! Well done detectives!!

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Before we begin, remember to go to the answers button and check yesterday’s decoded message. Did you tick off the correct suspects?


Today, we will be completing clue 3. You will need to follow a set of instructions to get to the final number. Like Monday, check each symbol and instruction carefully! You may even like to use your function machine robot from last year to help you. Although you can solve lots of them mentally, it would be a good idea to still show your working out. That way you check you don’t make any mistakes!

Extension- You may like create own sequence for a family member to try or they could make another one for you.


Lastly, don’t forget to practise your Times Tables as these will come in handy for one of tomorrows clues. Lunchtime update: Miss Saunders has just been on playing some games and setting some battles for you all. Here are the lunch time scores in: 

Keep going Year 4, you are all doing brilliant!                                                                    

Tuesday 31st March 2020

How did you do yesterday? Go to the answers page (button at the top) to check you have ticked the correct suspects off.

Today, we will be completing clue 2! Clue 2 is another decoding problem, similar to last week with the Roman Numerals. However, today’s learning is all based on fractions. Whilst we were still at school, we had been very busy learning about fractions so I know you will all be super at this activity today.

Before you start, see what you can remember about fractions and tell your grown up as much as you can! Can you explain what the numerator and denominator? If you get stuck, remind yourself at the bottom of our learning. You may even want to play the online game to help you build fractions and choose your challenge:


Now complete clue 2:


Remember, if you now have time. Have a go at practising your Times Tables on Times Table Rock Stars!                                                                  

Fraction Support (click on the picture to make it bigger):

Fraction Support (click on the picture to make it bigger): 1
Fraction Support (click on the picture to make it bigger): 2
Fraction Support (click on the picture to make it bigger): 3

Monday 30th March 2020

We know how much you love the maths mysteries, so over the week your maths learning will be to complete a clue or two a day of The Mystery of the Easter Bunny Costume. Don’t worry, each day we will say which clue you need to do and provide some helpful tips and activities for each one!


Unfortunately, the booklet is not in your resource pack but you should still be able to complete each day on paper to work out who it is if you are unable to print it (see link below). You may want to just print the list of culprits or write the list of names down so over the week you can cross each one off. By the end of the week, hopefully we will all be able to solve and find out who ruined the Easter bunny costume!

Today, you will need to complete the first clue! This involves lots of adding and subtracting and carefully checking the answers that are already there!


*Top tips*

Firstly, look carefully at the SYMBOL- is it asking you to add or subtract so should the answer get bigger or smaller?


Secondly, WHICH DIGIT is changing each time? Think back to last week’s learning when adding and subtracting 1000. It was the thousandths column that changed. Apply this knowledge when adding and subtracting other multiples of 10, 100 or 1000.


Thirdly, HOW MANY are they adding or subtracting each time?


Once completed, don’t forget to cross off either all the females or males on the list, depending on the outcome from the clue! Tomorrow, we will post the answers to clue 1.


If you have some time left, practise your times tables! As stated in our daily messages, this week there is a phase 3 competition! Don’t worry, if you can’t access TTRS then in your resource pack there are a couple of ways to practise your times tables using the whiteboard pen.

List of possible culprits!

List of possible culprits! 1

Friday 27th March 2020

After completing a range of number and place value learning this week, today you will have a go at applying all of your skills to complete the number and place value booklet. You will find this in your year 4 resource pack or, if you were unable to collect one, you can download the booklet below.


DO NOT SNEAK A PEAK BEFORE, but AFTER you have completed the questions, THEN you or your grown up can mark your answers using the document below. You could then go through and check any answers you got wrong. Use your learning and the helpful tips from this week to see where you might have made a mistake. 


Take this time now to ensure you have completed one of the on-going times table activities, if you haven’t already this week smiley

      Times tables Rock Stars (

      Mathsframe (

      Hit the Button (

Thursday 26th March 2020

Representing numbers on a number line.

Today, our activities are based on representing numbers on a number line. Below is a mixture of practical, on-screen and off-screen activities. Please complete at least one of these, but feel free to do them all! Here is an example of how the arrow represents where the numbers go on the number line:



Worksheet: Complete the worksheet showing where the numbers go on each number line (see below). They get a little harder as you go along!


Practical: Choose 5 numbers up to 10,000. Sequence them in the correct order and place them on a number line in the correctly. You could do this by creating a physical number line, for instance; drawing a line with paint or chalk, using a skipping rope, or using materials from around your house etc.


You may want to think about where 5000 would go first and other multiples of 1000 to then help you work out where your numbers go. You could even become the numbers and go and stand along the number line yourself!

Play the online game:

Have a go with the 0-1000 number lines, but you may wish to challenge yourself with other multiples to 100 or 1000.

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Add and subtract 1000

Today we will be focusing on adding and subtracting 1000. As a fun way to do this, we would like you to create a function machine robot. A function machine will have an input (through one arm) and an output (through the other). For example: The input number is 2406, the function is +1000, so the output is 3406. You could make your function machine robot by drawing or using junk modelling like the ideas shown below. Once you have made your robot, continue scrolling down to see what learning you can do with them!

Robot Function Machine ideas:

Robot Function Machine ideas: 1

Learning Activity: Add 1000 / Subtract 1000- ask your grown up or family member to tell you 4 digit numbers to go in your function machine. Decide if you are using +1000 or – 1000, then complete the questions!


OR you may wish to use your function machine to answer the sums in the PDF below (snappy maths). 


Discussion point- which digit changes each time? Is it always the same digit which changes? 


Extension Activity 1: Can you now order the numbers? OR change the function and add other multiples of 1000, for example 2000 or 5000.


Extension Activity 2: You may like to have a go at completing some of the reasoning and problem solving activities (link found below). 

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Roman Numerals

Today in maths, you are all going to be Roman Numeral Detectives! Like yesterday, there are 3 chilli challenges to choose from, plus a couple of other challenges and ideas to extend your learning if you wish. Each challenge is in a PDF document- just click the one you want to do! If you don’t have a printer, you could carefully write down the code to crack and then work it out on some of your paper in the packs.

Don’t forget, if you get stuck, to use the Roman Numeral help sheet underneath the activities.

Extra activities:

Make your own decoding challenge for someone in your family! (See link below)


Choose 5 numbers from 1-100 to make your own cards as roman numerals. Then choose two and add them together! Write your answer in roman numerals too. Repeat with the other cards.

Picture 1

Monday 23rd March 2020

Throughout this week, we will be completing a range number and place value activities. 


Today, our learning is based on rounding and you can choose your chilli challenge; mild, spicy or hot. Can you remember the rhyme to help you remember whether to round up or down? If you have forgotten, scroll down to the bottom for some helpful reminders and tips! After you have completed your challenge you could have a go on the online game (website link below). 

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1

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