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Maths Learning

Monday 29th June


Over the next 2/3 weeks, we will be completing a project of learning, which will involve using our Maths and English skills as well as a variety of other curriculum areas and skills.


On the daily learning page, you will find a project button where you can learn about the activities involved.

Topic learning will still be available for the afternoons under the normal tab.


Good Luck!

Friday 26th June

How did you get on with long division yesterday? Did you use the tricks to help you make sure you got the multiples right before moving on? Did you always make sure you were subtracting the largest chunk you can?


Here are the answers to Activity 3:



Today we are going to revise four areas we have covered in Year 6 altogether. Some we have looked at this week, some last week and some a few weeks ago.


To do this, we are going to solve ‘The Mystery of the Missing treasure’. Have a read of the story first.




You might feel confident enough to start, without looking at the hints and tips below. But if you would like a bit more help, look at each clue one at a time and read or watch the video for each clue before starting.


Clue 1


When adding and subtracting decimals we always need to line up the decimal points. Then we can do a column addition or subtraction as normal. Remember to always put the decimal point in the answer section too!

You can use a 0 as a place holder if you need to.



Clue 2


This clue is all about multiplication and division that we have looked at this week. Scroll down to remind yourself of the method if you need to.


Clue 3

We had a look at line graphs last week. Remember to work out what each little line means.



You can see on the x-axis there are 2 sections before we get to 1:00pm so each line must be half an hour or 30 minutes.

You can see the 0 – 0.5 on the y-axis is split into 5 sections, so each line must be 0.1.

You can now find the data carefully on the line graph.


Clue 4


When we are ordering numbers we always start with the left hand side of the number. So, if we were ordering

2.9 1.3 1.85

We would look at the 1, 1 and 2. Two are the same so we look at the next column. There is a 3 and an 8, so the 3 is the smallest.

I can now order them: 1.3, 1.85 and 2.9.



**Don’t be tricked – just because a number has lots of numbers after the decimal point, does not mean it is the largest. 0.37274 is a lot smaller than 9.1!


Watch this video from 1:18 for more examples if you need to see them -



Now have a go at solving ‘The Mystery of the Missing treasure’.

Here are the answers when you are finished:

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