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FAQs for Parents

  • When will we open the school?

We will be following the government advice and keeping you informed. Please see Mrs Bailey’s letters for the most recent information.


  • Do I have to do ALL of the Daily Learning Tasks? 

We set a range of tasks each day and quite understand that you will need to select the tasks that fit in with your situation at home. We would encourage you to try to cover a balance of curriculum areas over a week. Of course you might want to spend longer on one task, or re-visit a task over several days. Tasks will be set at different levels, so use your own judgement about which level of learning suits your child. Other activities such as baking, walking, playing and gardening are all also very valuable and should not be missed out.


  • If we cannot manage all the tasks, what should I prioritise?

Please feel free to email your class teacher to find out which tasks would be best for your child to complete. We also advise following the next steps given to you on your child’s progress report as this will indicate which areas your child needs to focus on.


  • What should I do if I have more than one child to work with at home?

We understand that it will be particularly challenging managing home learning when you have children in various year groups. In this case it may help setting one child off on a piece of learning or activity which they can complete independently while working with another child. You could then swap around. Also feel free to complete some of the fun activities e.g. cooking, crafts, Science Experiments etc. with all of your children. This will be fun and they will all gain some learning from this!


  •  I am worried about my child being behind in September?

All teachers will be well aware that children moving up year groups will have missed a considerable chunk of school. We will ensure that provision is made to cover any gaps. Meanwhile, keep following what you can of our online tasks, as they will be covering the skills and knowledge for the Summer Term.


  • Sometimes my child has an ‘off’ day and it is hard to motivate them. Is this ok?  

We are all having to cope with some very different situations at the moment and it is quite expected that your child sometimes doesn’t feel like doing school work.  Just try to encourage them with an activity they are comfortable with and come back to the online tasks another day. Structure and routine will help children to adapt when things are not ‘normal’ for them. Perhaps you can make a simple timetable for them outlining the school tasks and home tasks that can be enjoyed that day.


  • We don’t have a printer at home – what can I do?

Class teachers are providing options on the class pages so that work does not always require being printed out. Work can be directly read from the screen by you or your child, and the child just needs to write the answers on the paper provided in their pack. More paper can be collected from the school entrance area. Staff will always try to suggest an alternative to printing items where possible.


  • We don’t always have the same resource’s that you suggest. Is it ok to use something different?

Of course this is absolutely fine! For example, if the task is counting dinosaurs and you have buttons instead, then this is still teaching the same skill. We expect that you will have to adapt to your situation.


  • What shall we do with the work children are producing?

Keep hold of all the great work your children are doing while the school is closed We will have a look this when returning to school but equally don’t worry if can’t print something or take a photo.  We would also encourage for you to email any photos of this learning during the school closure if you would like any feedback as this immediate feedback will be more beneficial.



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