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English Learning

Friday 5th June 2020

You should now have a plan to follow to write up your different perspective of the Prometheus story.

Here is a checklist of things to consider when writing your story – these are just the ‘non-negotiables’ of Year 4!

Here is part of an example from Miss Lines – you may magpie some ideas if you wish to but do NOT just copy it.

Thursday 4th June 2020

Now that we are familiar with the story of Prometheus and the fire, we are going to choose a different character in the story and plan to write the story again but from their perspective.

You may wish to reread the story at this point.

You could write the story from Zeus’ point of view – thinking about how angry he was that Prometheus stole the fire and gave it to humans.

You could write the story from the perspective of the humans who are cold and unlikely to survive until they receive the fire from Prometheus.

It is up to you – think about which one you feel you could be most creative with.

Use today to plan your story from another perspective – use a story mountain if you wish and remember to think about your spelling, punctuation and grammar.


Make it exciting!

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Still focussing on writing from another perspective, we are going to ‘wring out’ this Greek story.


Reading Activity: 

To do this, we are going to read it once through entirely.



It is really important we understand the vocabulary we read to help us understand the text. As there are lots of tricky words in this text, today after reading it through, we would like you to pick out any words that you do not understand or haven't heard before, for example 'dreary'.

Use either google or a dictionary to find the meaning of these words.

Challenge: Can you use these words in your own sentence? 



Writing Activity:

Next, find the key events of the story – you may wish to use one of the story mountains from Monday’s lesson.


Now, pick out some vocabulary that you may wish to magpie for your future writing.


Finally, identify and note the emotions and thoughts of different characters.


By doing this, you are wringing our the text of all the information you can gain from it. 

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Your first activity for today’s task is to watch the following video. If the link doesn’t work then search ‘The Girl and The Fox’ on google.

This story is told from the girl’s perspective – as if she was the one telling the story.

What might the fox’s side of the story be? Think back to the story mountain – What would happen at each stage for the fox. What is the fox’s beginning, conflict and resolution?

Watch it again – this time making notes of what the fox might be doing off screen (when you can’t see it). Why do you think that is what he is doing?

Challenge – Practice writing from the fox’s perspective the beginning of the story where he is eating all the birds. Why is he doing that?

Monday 1st June 2020

Good morning! Over the next few weeks, we are going to be looking at writing a story from a different perspective. For example, the story of the three little pigs from the wolf’s point of view. We will have more of a Greek theme when we write our own.


To start off the week, we would like you to try this reading comprehension challenge. You will find the document below. 



Today, we would also like you to remind yourself about the story mountain and what happens at each stage of the mountain.


Choose a story you know very well such as Little Red Riding Hood or maybe one of the Greek Myths we have recently learned about.

Write what happens in each stage of the story using the story mountain – take a look at Miss Lines’ Three Little Pig example:

Remember there are different versions of the story mountain available – I will put each one below with a chilli challenge:








Remember you can share your work using your teacher’s email address!

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