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Darcy's Diary

Happy Valentines Day!


Happy Valentines Day to all my school friends! You all show me so much love when you see me at school and I love you all very very much! I hope you told someone special to you how much you love them! I gave my humans lots of cuddles and they gave me lots of belly rubs! 



Love from Darcy 



8th December 2023 - A visit from Little City


The children in reception had a lot of fun during their visit from Little City!

They got to explore lots of different jobs that grown-ups do like working in a post office, a bakery and a vets! I paid them a visit and they checked me over to make sure all my paws were working and had a listen to my heart!



I liked sitting on the vets table! I could reach up so high to give Mrs Bailey a kiss! 



Thank you for coming to visit us Little City! 


Love Darcy 


I hope you all had a great Halloween! Maybe you went trick-or-treating, or maybe you watched a movie with your family? 

Did you see me dressed up in my costume? I think I looked very spooky as a pumpkin! I’d love to know what you dressed up as, let me know when you see me around school!



Welcome Back To School Everyone!


Hello boys and girls, familes, staff and especially to all of my new friends starting at Abbot's Hall!


I hope that you all had a wonderful summer break. I had a brilliant time with my humans but I am so pleased to be back with you all every day at school. I love being in school, watching and helping you learn all of the exciting things that your teachers share with you.


Don't forget that every week I pick one person to get the Darcy's Proud Certificate and come and sit (and cuddle!) with me in Mrs Bailey's Monday morning assembly. I look for friends who are always being kind and helpful, just like me!


Have a great start to the autumn term boys and girls, but before I go, here are a couple of pictures of my fun and games this summer holiday - I hope you like them!


Lots of love










   This was my new favourite toy on the beach! My             humans would throw it as far as they could and I            loved going to get it and bring it back!




















This was fun! I would swim in the sea and then run over and make Mrs Bailey as wet as I could with my soggy paws!  

























My cousin Rosie came to stay and we had running races! We were both VERY fast.


Who do you think won?

What an exciting week it has been!


This week I was interviewed for Radio Suffolk, the BBC website and for Greatest Hits Radio! I was so glad that my friends Stanley, Felix, Esme and Heidi were all there with me! Everyone is interested to hear about all of the lovely things we all do together here at Abbot's Hall.






After such a busy week, Mrs Bailey and I went to see our friends at The Salon in Stowmarket - Mrs Bailey had her hair cut so I thought I had better sit in the chair as well!


I hope that you stay cool in this hot weather!


Lots of love





                                Today it is my birthday!


Now I am 2 years old.


Thank you for all of your presents, kisses and cuddles AND singing me 'Happy Birthday' in assembly!


What a wonderful day it has been.


Thank you again

Love from




Thursday 27th April


Hello boys and girls!

Today I went to see my vets - the very lovely humans at Debenham Veterinary Practice! Every year I need to have an injection that helps keep me healthy and I also step on the scales to check that I am doing enough exercise and not eating too much cheese!

The vet said that I was looking great and was very pleased with me!


"Thank you for looking after me Debenham Vets!" 


Love from Darcy 



I sat on the scales so that I could be weighed - I weighed 15kg.



The vet used a stethoscope to listen to my heart beating.



I had my injection and the vet was so clever, I hardly noticed it happening!



I finished with a cuddle and a treat from my vet! 


Saturday 1st April


We’ve reached the end of another wonderful term at Abbots Hall! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Holiday, full of fun and some well deserved relaxation! I’m hoping for some sunny days to go to the beach with my humans! I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures when we go back to school! 

Love from 


I love it when my friends visit Mrs Bailey when she is the Tooth Fairy's Helper! Eliza lost a tooth today and she was very excited to come and see us. Mrs Bailey gave her a special envelope for her tooth, ready for the Tooth Fairy to collect, and a nice sticker. I gave her lots and lots of cuddles!

Happy Half Term To My Abbot's Hall Friends!


I can't believe it is February half term already! I hope that you all have a lovely break with your families and loved ones. My Humans have told me that we are going to go on LOOOONG walks every day and hopefully to the beach again as well!


Yesterday morning I think Florence and I broke the record for the longest cuddle EVER! I love cuddles.


Love from



Monday 30th January 


Meeting my baby brother! 

Last week I got to meet my baby brother Bruno! He lives with a different family and they brought him for a play date after school! We have the same dad and I think you can tell, we look so alike! We had lots of fun playing on the grass and running around! My humans took some photos so I thought I’d share one with you! 




Happy New Year to all of my friends at school!


I hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas holiday. I definitely have! There were a lot of presents for me under the tree, so many of them from you - Thank you very, very much!


Today is New Year's Day and I went for a lovely walk with Mr and Mrs Bailey on Aldeburgh beach. I played in the sand and sea, visited the Life Boat and even met one of my Abbot's Hall friends, Teddy, walking his lovely dog Frank!


I can't wait to see you all next week in school, I have missed you all!


Love from Darcy 

New Years Day On Aldeburgh Beach

Thursday 15th December



We’ve reached the end of term boys and girls!

It was so exciting to see Father Christmas yesterday! I hope you all loved your class presents! I’ve heard you got some super fun things to share with your classmates!

You’ve all worked so hard and so have your teacher humans! You all deserve the happiest of holidays! I will be snuggled up with my humans on Christmas Day, playing with the all lovely presents I’ve got from some of my friends here at school! 


Happy Holidays! And a very Happy New Year to all of you! 

I’ll see you all in 2023!





Friday 18th November


Hello children! 


My friend Pudsey Bear came to visit me this morning! He can’t wait to hear about all the boys and girls at Abbots Hall wearing their spots! He does a very important job helping children all across the UK, and is very happy to hear that we’ll be doing our bit to support Children In Need! I’ve even got my very own spotty bandana, see if you can “spot” me wearing it today at school!! 



We will remember them.

We will remember them.


Wednesday 9th November

Hello boys and girls! 

Did you see the fireworks at the weekend? I heard some of you went to the museum to watch them sparkle in the sky! 


I’ve been so happy to see you all with your poppies ready for Remembrance Day on Friday! Have you spotted my poppy bandanas? I had fun showing some friends on the playground the other day! I’d also like to say a special thank you to the family who bought me my purple bandana in remembrance of all the animals who served.

Love Darcy 


Monday 31st October


BOO! Don’t worry, it’s just me, Darcy! 



If you’re going trick or treating tonight I hope you have lots of fun and get some nice treats! If you’re staying home I hope you have some comfy pyjamas on and are nice and warm, it’s chilly out there! 

I’m looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow and hearing about your half term break! 

Lots of love,




Wednesday 19th October 2022


The Halloween preparations are underway in my house! My humans brought home so many pumpkins to carve! I’m having a think about what to dress up as? Have you got a Halloween costume planned? I hope you get lots of treats! I can’t have sweets but I’m hoping I get lots of dog biscuits! 

Have a lovely half term and a happy Halloween! 









Sunday 16th October


Hello boys and girls! 


There's only one week left until half term! 

You've all been working very hard and I hope you keep doing your best this coming week! 

I'm looking forward to my half term holiday going for walks in the crunchy leaves and curling up by the fireplace with my humans.. I hope you have some fun things planned for your week off! 


Keep being the best that you can be! 

From Darcy 





Wednesday 28th September 2022


Hello everyone! 


I hope you are all settled into your classrooms and are having fun with your new teacher humans! 


This is where you can keep up to date with what I've been up to! I'm a very busy dog but I'll try to write to you regularly! 



See you soon! 

From Darcy 


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