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Daily Move

Daily Move - Friday 3rd July


We have reached the end of another week!



Let’s get warmed up:



As it’s Friday it is mix-up day.


This week you get to pick 6 exercises of your choice!


Maybe you might want to do some jumping lunges? The plank? Walk up the wall?

Burpees? V-sits? Tricep dips? Press-ups? Sumo squat and kick?


Try to pick exercises that work different parts of your body.


Don’t forget to cool down.

Daily Move - Monday 6th July


Wow - we have made it to week 6! Do you feel stronger?

At school we think the Daily Move is building our stamina.


So let’s get on with a warm-up.

Start with some gentle jogging on the spot.

Gradually increase the pace. Do this for a couple of minutes and then stretch.



Are you ready to work your legs?


Exercise 1

Side shuffles



Take a few quick steps to the left and then touch your left foot with your left hand.

Repeat on the right side.

These are great for building muscle in the thigh and calf area and they will help you become faster and more agile.

Do these for 1 minute and then rest before trying exercise 2.


Exercise 2

Squat jumps.

For these you need to squat down and then jump up high - how high can you jump?


Exercise 3

Exercise 2 - Side leg raises

Lie on one side, with your feet and hips stacked; prop yourself up on your forearm. Align shoulder over elbow. Lift your top leg straight up, keeping foot parallel with the ground and flexing your toes; pause at top, then lower.



Now repeat these twice more.


Don’t forget to stretch.

Daily Move - Thursday 2nd July


Well done for keeping going with the Daily Move - it can be tough some days but persevere, you can do it!


Let’s warm-up:



Remember NO CONTACT during this warm-up!!


Stretch out your major muscle groups.

Now it’s time to do some cardio exercises.


We are going to start with some jumping jacks.



Do them for 1 minute and then rest for a count of 20.


Then try some rock-star jumps…..



After your rest move on to some burpees….



Repeat the exercises twice more, if you can. Don’t forget to rest in between.


Now to cool down - reach up and touch the sky for 20 seconds, then reach down and touch your toes for 20 seconds. Repeat 2 or 3 times.


Finally go for a gentle walk.

Daily Move - Wednesday 1st July


We hope you are enjoying your ‘Daily Move’ activities.

It has definitely been fun at school.


So let’s warm-up.


Let’s start by back pedalling.

This is just running backwards with short, quick steps, pumping your arms and landing on the balls of your feet.


Then do some dynamic lunges (or lunges whilst you walk).


Stretch out your major muscles groups.

Can you remember some of the muscle groups?

Where are your quadriceps? Your hamstring? Your gluteus maximus?


Are you ready?


Exercise 1 is a crab walk.



Can you do this for 1 minute?


Exercise 2 - Tricep Dips



Exercise 3 - Press-ups



Now that you’ve done all 3 exercises, repeat the whole set two more times.


Don’t forget to cool down.


Daily Move - Tuesday 30th June


It’s Tuesday, so it’s time to work on our core muscles.


First let’s warm-up with some walking knee hugs.


As you go for a walk, raise your knee up as high as you can into your tummy and grasp it with both hands. Hug your knee into your chest and then let go.


Repeat with your other leg.



Then try some side shuffles.



Take a few quick steps to the left and then touch your left foot with your left hand.


Repeat on the right side.


Stretch out your major muscle groups.


Our first exercise is curl-ups. We are doing this for 1 minute and

then resting for a count of 20.



These are great for your abdominal and oblique muscles.


Watch this video to see how to do it

(you will need to scroll down a little to the the curl-ups video).

Exercise 2 - V-sits



Exercise 3 - Reverse Crunch



Don’t forget to cool down when you have finished. Here are some ideas for you to try:


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