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Daily Learning

Each day we will post a '5 a day', this is something our children love to do each morning. We will also post some ideas for Maths, English and Topic, linked to learning your children will have already been doing in school. Thank you for continuing to support your child with their learning.  We aim to post a mixture of activities that can be downloaded, completed online and also activities that can be completed off-screen. The daily activities we have planned for you take around 2-4 hours.

We appreciate that there are lots of other learning opportunities at home, so if you do run out of time or cannot complete something, please do not worry!


Daily Messages

Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning Year Five! 

Did you enjoy learning about different animals and the way in which they adapt to their environment/habitat?  What was your favourite animal?  What interesting facts did you learn?

On Friday, it is World Environment Day so we will be learning about the impact that we (humans) have on the planet.  Quite a few of you chose to talk about this in your Time To Talk so we know that it is something you feel passionate about.


We hope that you enjoy today's activities!

Top Tips for Accessing the Reading Planet

  • Use the link in the original letter Mrs Flory sent out as the programme doesn't always open properly if you just google it.
  • If you are having trouble with your password, the l is meant to be a capital L
  • You will need to scroll down past all the quizzes to find the books.  Keep going, they are a long way down!
  • There are different levels of difficulty.  Here is a picture showing the APPROXIMATE levels for each year group, but you may find books that interest you across the different bands.  



Home Learning Photo Gallery


Don't forget to send in pictures or videos of your home learning:  Some of the teachers are back in school now.  We will still be keeping up with the website and replying to emails as soon as possible, but please bear with us if replies take a little longer than before.  Mr Aldred is in school so if you need support with your home learning or need a quick response, please email Miss Bufton.


Zack's Polar Bear information

Darci's Pyramid Net

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Courtney practising her keyboard skills

Still image for this video

Teddy's Tik Tok Art

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Teddy's Tik Tok Art 2

Still image for this video

Darci's 3D models

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Emily's Adventure Story - Tadeo Jones

School Awards

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