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2.6.20 Extract 1/2 of the story

Why did Myopia give Croakbag ‘evil’ looks when he left?

Can you find 3 verbs that the author uses instead of said?

Using 30 words or less, summarise this chapter.

2.6.20 Extract 2/2


Listen to the end of chapter 6 then if you would like to, you can send a review of the book so far to Mrs. Thomas.
• How many stars (out of 5) would you give the book? Why?
• What has been your favourite part so far?
• What do you think will happen next?
• Would you read any other Jeremy Strong books?


Listen to the story and write down the better words the author used instead of...

big - enormous, whopper, humongous(ly)
clever - brainy, genius
not telling someone news - 'to sit on it' or 'not to spill the beans'


What does it mean when they said Blabbus and Croakbag were 'eyeballing' each other?
It means they were staring at each other and trying not to blink so they could see each others eyes.

What does 'my heart soared' tell you about Croakbag?
He was very happy.

Who do you think took the money?


Why is Croakbag looking for Blabbus?
Blabbus had information about who had stolen the money.

Summarise what has happened so far in the story. Remember to include details about who, what, where, why and when.


How do you know Croakbag had met the emperor before?
Croakbag had told the Emperor how good Scorcha was at chariot racing so he must have met him before.

From what you have heard so far, do you think Tyrannus (whose name sounds like tyrant) matches his name?


What does it mean when it says 'Perilus gave me a doeful look' ?
He was looking sadly at Croakbag.

What does the word superior mean?
It means 'better'.

Why does Croakbag think he is superior to humans?
He thinks he is very clever and he can fly and soar around which humans can't do.


Why was Krysis so angry?
Perilus argued with him that Hysteria should not want to marry Fibbus Biggus and he wanted to be a charioteer.

How did Croakbag trick the guards again?
They hid Tiddles behind the washing and with Putupon's help, he tricked the guards into thinking he was a lesser sooty robin and not the talking raven they saw by the prison.
The next chapter is called 'One in a million?'. What do you predict it will be about? Remember to use what you already know to help you with your plan.


Why do you think the author chose to use a question in the chapter name?
To make it interesting for the reader that that the reader answered the question in their head.

How do you know Krysis was disappointed to learn that Perilus had been learning how to do chariot races?
It said a hard frown descended on his face and also he grinded his teeth which tells me he might be starting to feel angry.

What were the Emperors announcements?
1. Scorcha had been pardoned (this means he has been forgiven of his crime)
2. There will be a chariot race to find the greatest charioteer in all of the Roman empire.


Find 2 verbs that describe how Croakbag travelled back to the family home.
hopped, flapped or waddled.

What job did Krysis have?
He was head of the imperial mint (a place that makes coins).

Write 2 truths and a lie about the character Maddasbananus and see if someone can spot the lie.

4.5.20 - audio story continued with part 2


What do the guards names mean? How do they link to the characters?
Ludicrus - this means something really unbelievable or silly
Plausible - this means it is possible or may happen
Ridiculus - means very silly
Namelus - means he has no name
***These are how the names are spelt in the text, not how these words are spelt.

What does hissed tell you about Croakbag?
He was getting cross.

What does the phrase 'make short work' mean?
This means to do something quickly.


What was the circus for in Rome?
This was the place where they held chariot races.
Why had Scorcha been sent to jail?
He had been arrested for almost destroying someone's house.
What do you think will happen next in chapter 2?


Who is narrating this story? Croakbag is the name of the raven telling this story.
What Latin words (an old language they used during the Roman Age) have you learnt so far? salve (hello) mater (mother) vale (goodbye) and you may have heard other words that link to Romans.
How did the author describe Perilus? hotheaded


What does the phrase 'helter skelter' tell you about what the story might be like? It makes me think of something that goes up and down (a type of rollercoaster) so maybe the story will have good and bad times for the characters.
Why are Perilus's family in jail? They have been accused of stealing 10,000 silver denarii.
What does Perilus's nickname for his sister "The waterfall on legs" tell you about Hysteria? It tells us that she cries a lot.


Introduction - We would like you to make a prediction about what you think the story will be about. Remember to use clues from the front cover and the text to make your prediction.

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