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What specialist support is available at Abbot's Hall?

Intervention groups are available to meet the broad range of needs in our school. If assessment shows that additional support is needed in a particular area, children may take part in one of our groups. This does not mean a special educational need has necessarily been identified. Our interventions may change to meet the needs that arise in school and are planned to address those needs. 


Ongoing Whole School Intervention


Gym Trail - to support gross motor skills through physical activities, such as balance and co-ordination. This intervention runs 3 times per week during assembly times.


Challenge Numeracy - to extend knowledge and understanding of more able pupils and help them to reach their full potential. This group is led by a TA once per week. 


Challenge Readers  & Writers - to further extend our most able readers and writers with more complex texts to read and questioning to improve comprehension. as well as opportunities to write creatively. This group is led by a TA once per week.


ELKLAN Speech and Language Support - this support is provided by a qualified TA on a one-to-basis, where the Speech and Language Therapist has made an assessment of a child through the referral process. For more information on the Speech and Language Therapy Service in Suffolk, please see the Local Offer from the county. 


Challenge Workshops - This year, we are pleased to be working with Stowmarket High School to enable children to continue to develop their skills in a range of subject areas,  Over the Autumn and Spring terms, some children may be able to attend a workshop focusing on an assortment of subject areas.

The link below gives an overview of the types of support available in our school with examples: Provision Circles at Abbot's Hall

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