Year Six

Welcome to Year Six

Our team are:

Miss Manning, Mrs Childs and Mrs Nichol.

Our topic this term is 'World War Two'.

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Useful dates for the diary:


19th June - Sports Week

21st June - UKS2 Sports Day (am)

23rd June - Crucial Crew at The Mix (details to follow).

7th July - Leavers Disco 6.30pm-8.30pm




This week it is Active Week. We will be very busy designing Sports Workshops for the younger classes, doing some Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA) with Mrs Cook, taking part in a Handball session and having our Sports Day on Wednesday. We will also be looking at healthy eating and preparing a poster to be judged by some high school teachers. Keep a look out during the week for photos of what we have been up to.


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We started Active Week by planning Sports Workshops for the younger classes in the school. There were a lot of different sports we wanted to teach, but we decided on: football (including goal keeping), basketball, karate, running, dance and cricket. We spent the morning thinking about the activities that we would be running, what equipment we would need, what questions we would ask, how we could help those who may find it difficult, how we can extend those who find the activity easy as well as noting our coaching points. We then presented our ideas to the class. Have a look at us in action. We are excited to deliver these sessions later in the week. 

Football Freestyle Challenge

We have risen to the 'football freestyle challenge' this week. We enjoyed having a go at balancing the ball between our chin and knee and hopping. Some of us found it easier than others! Our champion was Lauren with a whopping 45 seconds - wow!



Last week we presented our Time to Talks to our grown-ups. We chose something of interest from our World War Two Topic to share. What a great variety of topics there was too - from Hitler's Youth Army to Bletchley Park code-breaking to family history (where grandfathers or great-uncles were actually in the war). We were amazed by the research all pupils had done and the efforts that they had put into their presentations, with Powerpoint presentations, objects to share and models made.

Well done everyone - we really enjoyed watching your presentations. Scroll down to see some pictures of us at work.





Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA)

On Tuesday, we had lots of fun trying out our OAA skills in the sun. There was a lot of team-work involved and we needed to communicate with each other to complete 20 different tasks. They included finding different objects, such as a 20cm twig, a sycamore leaf, a daisy with pink on the petals.....some were easier to find than others. We also had to see how many catches we could make in our team in a minute, how many words we could make from 'Abbot's Hall Primary' ....... the list was quite full. It was quite a challenge, and tested lots of different skills.

Have a look at how we got on.


Mrs Childs' class enjoyed learning the 'Lindy Hop' dance on Tuesday afternoon. This was a dance from World War Two, brought over to the UK by the American serviceman stationed here. We learnt about why dance parties were important to boost morale during this time and we had great fun practising the different steps. It involved good co-ordination and posture, as well as working together with our partner. We are looking forward to developing our moves more next week.

Sports Day was a huge success, all children showed great determination and perseverance and were definitely being the best they could be! It was lovely to see everyone having fun and children cheering for each other. Thank you to Miss Simonds and Mrs Jewers for being the pace setters for our long-distance race.

The sprint winners were: Louis, Ben, Eleanor and Lauren.

The long-distance winners were: Freddie, Ben, Eleanor and Lauren.

The winning relay teams were: Millie, Daniel, Milly and Joe Y, Anna, Harry H, Eleanor and Leon.



On Thursday, we visited Stowmarket High School for a handball taster session with the Year 10 Handball team. We learnt some key skills of the game and we enjoyed working with the boys who were teaching us. They showed us how important teamwork is and helped us to be the best we could be. We all thoroughly enjoyed learning this new game and many of us came away wanting more. There was lots of talk, on the way back to school, about how we could join handball teams when we start at high school. Thank you to the Year 10 team - your positive attitude and excellent support was inspirational!

Year 6 Home Learning 

Each week we set 3 pieces of home learning on a Friday. This is usually due back the following Friday. Don't forget Homework Club is available each Wednesday lunchtime (12.30pm in  Mrs Childs' classroom).


House Points

Have you earned a House Point this week? 

Don't forget you can earn them for gaining a Mathletics Certificate and taking it to your house assembly.