Accessibility at Abbot's Hall

Please see our Accessibility Plan here for further information.

At Abbot's Hall, we provide a safe and accessible learning environment for all pupils. All children have access to our wide-ranging school facilities, including the astro-turf areas, Blue Sky classroom and Forest classroom. We also provide opportunities for all pupils to access trips to other learning environments and ensure plans and support are in place to meet the needs of our disabled learners. The following provision for disabilities is available at Abbot's Hall:

Differentiated curriculum in all areas to meet needs of all children.

PE facilities (including bell balls and other equipment) adapted for visual impairments.

Buildings and all other areas of the school can be accessed via ramps or are at ground level.

Staff have access to training to support physical or mental disabilities in school.

Outside agencies can attend to provide physiotherapy and occupational therapy to those under their care.

Outside agencies provide specialist teaching relating to visual or hearing impairments to those under their care.

The school has a Soundfield system, which can be moved around the building to suit the needs of learners with hearing impairments.

The school has accessible toilets in both buildings as well as accessible parking spaces in the main school car park.


Should you have any questions about how Abbot's Hall can meet the needs of your child, please contact the school office or Miss Simonds.